By Janette Haak

Well, really we’re going to be coloring the tote bags for your children’s bibles.

I felt bad for the parishioners who could not see the faces of the children receiving their bibles on Sunday. From my point of view, I fought back tears of joy as I watched the parents and children interacting while receiving the word of God.

I watched as parents blessed the bibles and then handed them to their children as they also placed their hands on their child to bless them. Some children even sat down on the steps to open their books and start reading.

There was such joy and excitement, it was contagious. I have to admit, that as I read scripture, I am not always as excited as they were on Sunday. Lord, give me that same joy and anticipation!

I fought back tears of joy as I watched the parents and children interacting while receiving the word of God.

As we continue to partner with our families at St. Luke, we have another opportunity this Sunday, November 2. We will begin a series of Family Discipleship classes led by myself and Pastor Matt.


Class on November 2 will last until 10:15, then parents of 3 year olds and 2nd graders will go down the hallway to room 35 to help their child decorate their tote bags for the bibles. Please also be prepared to write a special verse in your child’s book for them.

If you have any questions please contact Janette.

What will we cover during class?

On November 2, we will offer practical tips and ideas about family devotions. The second half of the class will be a time for parents of 3yr old children and 2nd graders to help their child decorate their bible tote bags.

November 9, Pastor Matt will be leading a discussion on family discipleship practices.

November 16, Janette will be teaching about the book, The Blessing by John Trent. I have known about Blessing my children for years, but this book truly opened my eyes. I will be giving you specific steps to write blessings for your children, extended family and those you love.

The last class, November 23, all of the Sheepfold children and parents will meet in room 35 in the basement and make an advent craft together. This craft will be different than last years craft!

I’m really looking forward to our class offerings in November and hope that you will be able to join us. We will meet in Room 1 on the lower level right next to the elevator. I will also have family devotional books for sale every Sunday in November.