By Matt Hein

So, you have logged into Connect. Congratulations! As you begin to explore Connect and all that it has to offer, make sure to spend some time getting your personal profile set. Click on your name at the top right corner of the page, select “Edit Profile,” and you are on your way. Along the way, follow the same procedure to update or change any information in your Connect Profile.

There are six tabs to edit in your profile all located at the top of the page. As you complete each tab make sure to click “Save” before moving to the next tab or you will lose the information you given.


The Basic tab allows you to provide basic profile and contact information. Click “Browse” to add a personal photo that other users will see with your name. Make sure to select your preferred My Campus, which will ordinarily be the site that you worship at.

While you are in Basic, please indicate any allergies you may have to help St. Luke better prepare for ministry to you and your family. If you have no allergies, please type “None.”

Finally, under Contact Information in the Basic tab of your profile, make sure to select a Mobile Carrier to go with your Mobile Number if you desire to receive text messages from the leaders of any groups you will belong to.


The second profile tab allows you to enter your mailing address.

My Fit

This third tab allows you to self-identify your passions (things you enjoy and are excited about) and abilities (special skills, training, education, experience).

The My Fit tab is designed for two purposes. First, it allows you to begin thinking about your passions and abilities and how Jesus might be leading you into service as a disciple. Second, My Fit gives St. Luke a picture of how you feel God has hardwired and gifted you.

Completing the My Fit portion of your profile helps St. Luke know how to better encourage you as a servant but does not take the place of you actively seeking out areas of service as part of your discipleship journey. Just because you self-identify a set of passions and abilities does not mean God won’t have you exploring something new!

There is a Spiritual Gifts field in My Fit that will be launched at a later date. You will then have the opportunity to complete that part of your my Fit profile. For now this field will be left blank in your profile.

At the bottom of My Fit is a Personal Style identifier. This allows you to choose the style that best describes you. Are you more task oriented or people oriented? Do you function better in structured environments or unstructured environments? Once you have the answers to these questions you are ready to choose your Personal Style.


The fourth tab, Social, allows you to link your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to your Connect profile. Any social media accounts you choose to link to will be visible as an icon at the top of your profile. Other Connect users who view your profile will then be able to see your icons and connect with you on social media.To connect your Connect profile to your social media accounts simply identify which accounts you wish to link to and enter your specific user name in the field associated with that account.

Custom Fields

The fifth tab is not applicable so skip to the final tab, Plugged In.

Plugged In

The sixth and final tab allows you to identify the worship service you most frequently attend. If your site is St. Luke Ann Arbor or University Lutheran Chapel, choose between “First Service” or “Second Service.” If your site is Living Water, choose “First Service” since there is only one Sunday service available. If you regularly attend midweek Advent and Lenten services you may select “Midweek Service” in addition to your Sunday service choice.

Plugged in also allows you to share a story about your faith journey. While we do not typically talk about Commitment Dates, we do encourage the sharing of stories that illustrate for others our active response to the grace of God that comes to us in Jesus.

Perhaps your story flows out of your baptism where God claimed you as His own child. Or maybe you have a story from your Confirmation where you affirmed the gifts and promises God gave you in your baptism as well as professed to others your trust in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Or you might share a story of what it looks like for you to receive Jesus’ love and forgiveness and a moment where that led you to share Him with someone else.

Whatever your faith story is, consider sharing it!

Privacy Settings

Connect allows you to share as little or as much information as you desire. To set your privacy settings, click on your name at the upper right corner of the Connect page. Select Privacy Settings from the bottom of the drop down menu. Read the About Settings descriptions, which explains the different setting options to choose from. Then select who you will allow to see the various pieces of your personal profile.


Once you have edited and saved your information for your Profile and Privacy settings, your profile will be set up and you will be ready to explore groups, connect with other people at your church, gain a better sense of what is going on across the St. Luke multisite, and find a greater sense of belonging on your faith journey.

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