Hello St. Luke!

To close out our Quarterly Mission efforts this year we will be assembling finals survival kits for the nursing students at Concordia! Finals week happens a week from today. As it approaches and the Concordia Nursing students are hard at work studying, we would like to be part of the faith community that reaches out to them in support of their efforts.

There are multiple opportunities for service available for our St. Luke Community to make this effort a success. If you would like to join in on the service effort please email me at aleejohn.bass@gmail.com to get connected!

Serving with Finances:

Purchasing the packages, snacks, and other supplies that will go into the survival packs. We will coordinate with anyone who is willing and available to serve to talk about what to purchase and where to purchase it. We are hoping to supply items like hot cocoa mix, energy bars, ramen packets and other items to help keep students energized while studying.

Serving with Time:

Between our services, and after late service, we will be gathering to assemble these packages and prepare them for delivery on Monday December 13th. If you are coming to worship on Sunday this would be a great way to start plugging into service if you have not done so in the past.

Additionally, we could use help delivering the items themselves on Monday during the day! Again, once we connect we will coordinate specifics and times for this.

Serving with Heart:

We would like to include personalized notes of encouragement with scripture inside of each package. If you have a heart for writing notes like this, we have about 130 of them to write and would love your help!

So again, email me at aleejohn.bass@gmail.com to get connected with our service effort and we can work together to reach into the lives of students at Concordia and be a part of their faith community.

God Bless,