As a part of our Confirmation and discipleship process, you will be creating a faith statement that shares a meaningful aspect of your faith walk. Letting others know how God is working in your life is just one of the ways in which you help others in our faith family follow Jesus with you. So this is a chance to share your faith and a chance to strengthen others. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Consider the verses attached to this sheet as examples. Talk to family members about verses that are important to them. The main goal is to find a biblical image that captures an important aspect of your faith walk so you can share with others what God has done for you.

Step 2

Why did this image seem meaningful to you? In what way is it a comfort? What kinds of things in your life does it touch on? What can you expect Jesus to do in light of this image? What does this image invite you to do?

Fill out page 1 of the Faith Statement Worksheet. Explore the characters, outcomes, and conflict in the “Movie Poster” your confirmation verse assumes. If you are stuck, talk to others in your family, at your table, or to one of your pastors or youth leaders.

Step 3

Use page 2 of the Faith Statement Worksheet. Try to use the unique language and dynamics of your verse and of your life. Your faith statement should sound unique.

Use the statement on page 2 of the Faith Paper Worksheet as a way to get your writing going: you don’t have to use all of these statements, but say these kinds of things when you write.

  • Avoid generic references to “God.” Use Jesus, or the Father, or the Holy Spirit. We have a personal God, not a generic deity.
  • Keep your own action out of the salvation story. Make sure your Faith Statement focuses on Jesus and His work for you and is based on the cross and resurrection, even if that is not the focus of your image.
  • Base your image on the Gospel, even if your verse is about how you live out your faith. For example, if your verse is about running the race, you want to allow the race to be central, but you can also say, “I can run my race with confidence because I know Jesus died and rose for me and nothing I can do will keep Him from loving me.”

Step 4

Find a graphic image that expresses your confirmation verse. Once you have a verse in mind, search the web and find a central image that captures the dynamics of your unique Scripture passage. This may be a picture of a shepherd or a soldier or a hiker or a rock or a family—it all depends on what image captures the dynamics of your verse.

You might find these sites helpful because they have images we are allowed to use online:

  1. These images are royalty free.
  2. Our congregation is able to purchase these images for our use.

Step 5

Come to our Faith Paper Party on Sunday, February 28 with your worksheet filled out and some thoughts on paper. Our confirmation leaders will help answer questions or clarify direction. Then submit your Faith Statement rough draft (with image)by Sunday, March 6. Email Once you get comments from your first draft, complete the project by or before Sunday, April 10.

You can see some examples of student work from other confirmation classes HERE. Or check out a couple of the examples, below.


Confirmation Faith Statement Timeline

Sunday, Feb 28: Faith Paper party after worship (with food)

Sunday, March 6 – Faith Paper rough draft due. Please email them to Pastor Justin at

Sunday, April 10 – Faith Paper due. Please email them to Pastor Justin at

Friday, April 29 – Confirmation Banquet; read Faith Papers

Sunday, May 1– Rite of Confirmation; sermon uses Faith Paper excerpts

If you want to check out what a sermon based on your faith paper looks like, or see the confirmation ceremony, check out the links below:

Confirmation Sermon, 2015         Rite of Confirmation, 2015     Confirmation Sermon, 2014


These handouts from class might be helpful for you:

Faith Statement Worksheet

Confirmation Faith Statement Project Description

Even More Confirmation Verse Suggestions