We will be holding the elections Sunday, January 8 in the lobby. If you cannot make to church that day we will have absentee ballots in the church office the week after.

Board of Elders

The Elders serve as an extension of the pastoral office. Their primary role is one of care. They assist pastors in worship and in theological discussion, help teach bible classes, assist in making home or hospital visits, and are open ears to our congregation and their needs and opinions.

Rick Darragh

What promise from Jesus has made an impact on your life?
In Matthew 28:20, part of the Great Commission passage, Jesus says to his disciples “… I am with you always to the end of the age”. That promise is not new to us and it is meant for us as Jesus’ church and for us as individuals. For me personally, the promise of Jesus being with me has meant different things for different times in life. During hard times like the death of a friend or family member, knowing that Jesus is with me brings comfort or encouragement.   During joyful times, like the birth of a grandchild, knowing that Jesus is with us as a family causes me to rejoice in his personal love and care for us.   Recently, the promise that Jesus is with me has taken on a slightly different twist. I have begun to realize that Jesus is actively bringing people into a relationship with himself through me. As part of his mission, Jesus takes me with Him into the world as I go about my daily life. When I interact with the people I meet, whether at work or in the neighborhood, Jesus is using that everyday relationship for his purpose. The response that Jesus is shaping in me is to recognize His presence in that relationship.  He is asking me to make room for the relationships He is bringing me into and, without guilt or pressure, simply relate to people in a normal and human way. It is a subtle change, but it changes how I relate to those I come in contact with, how I greet the neighbor, or how I interact with the waiter at a restaurant. I am beginning to see these normal interactions with others in a new light. These everyday relationships are a way for Jesus to touch people around me, a way for me to join Jesus on his mission.

Mike Hasey

Where have I seen Jesus at work in St Luke lately?
I have seen Jesus show up in numerous places around St. Luke. I have seen him at work in the home groups and in my home group in particular, in the way that we interact and care for each other. Being part of the visioning process that we are undertaking, I have seen Jesus show up there.  People on the team are able to talk openly and honestly and we are all invested in seeing Jesus will be done, not our own. I have seen Jesus show up in my own family. I have seen him at work in the lives of my older sons, in their interactions with others and in my discussions with them and as we pray together. I have seen his hand in the lives of my younger children, as I try to point them to Jesus, and they point me to him as well. I have seen Jesus at work in my own life. He is shaping how I view and relate to others, especially those I might not know very well. In short, I see Jesus being active all over the place, in quiet but numerous ways.

Austin Thomason

Tell a story of how you have seen the kingdom show up in a meaningful way this fall.
I recently moved a couch for the Heins. I simply threw it into my truck on my way over to their house for a meeting. No big deal. One phone call and it was arranged. The phone conversation lasted about 30 seconds. The woman from whom she had bought the couch was floored. “Just one phone call and it’s done?” she said to Jen. “How do you even do that?” This woman couldn’t believe that it was so quick and easy finish a job like this. Her reaction confused me. I’m so used to our community at St. Luke that it was unbelievable for me that one phone call couldn’t solve a problem. Such a simple witness showed a stranger about the type of community that she didn’t even know existed. The community we’ve come to rely on. This story made me stop and think about what God has built at our church. The people, the resources, the love and care we show for one another. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. No big deal? Indeed.

Jon Bahr

What is the most important step Jesus has asked you to take in your faith walk in the last 6 months?
Recently, I accepted a position with a new employer. For the first time in almost 11 years, I will not be employed within the LCMS. As a lifelong Lutheran, and the son of church workers, I did not imagine that my career might take me outside our denomination. However, throughout the process of deliberation, prayer and consideration, it became clear that God was speaking into our life and asking us (our family) to take this step in faith, and to follow where He was leading. While scary, it is also exciting to be outside of my personal comfort zone, and more reliant than ever on His direction and leading as I seek to serve Him.

Sean Egmon

What is the most important step Jesus has asked you to take in your faith walk in the last 6 months?
I’m amazed and encouraged at the ways that Jesus has changed all of us at St Luke. I see a vision and a direction that continues to gain momentum. I see people willing to set aside things that might divide for things that contribute to that common vision. I see people sharing, loving and living life together in new ways. The desire to investigate the question of “what is Jesus doing in my life” has brought on a different approach to even the mundane things in life.  Jesus is working in our hearts and minds and making us into the church He wants us to be. If we can continue seeking Him in all that we do, say, think and feel, we will continue to reach those we come in contact with. We get closer to focusing, like the early church, on those living in community around us. Jesus is at work on us and around us in little ways as well as sometimes in big ways. Sometimes we’re lucky to get a glimpse of what He is doing. Other times our faith along with our brothers and sisters in Christ keep us encouraged to continue on the journey. I’m thankful for the ways that Jesus has used St Luke to help me grow and encourage me in my journey.

Ben Meyers

Where have I seen Jesus at work in St Luke?
I’ve seen and felt the presence of Jesus through the interaction with His followers: Namely the members of my home group.

In our home group I see Jesus working in us as we have encouraging conversations about how to reach out to those around us; new people in the church or simply those in our neighborhoods and workplaces. Also in the willingness to depend on each other and pray for each other’s specific needs. This experience of being together, not alone, has really helped me see that Jesus is right here with us, using us to spread his love and care.


Ken Pingel

Where have you seen Jesus at work in St. Luke lately?
I see Jesus at work at St. Luke in the growing attendance, the new faces and increasing number of young couples and young children at our services. I joined St. Luke with Sue in 1990, as a newly married couple. We have seen many changes at St. Luke over 26 years. Our children have grown up at St. Luke. I am so encouraged, and grateful, to see new members who have a heart for the Lord and are making a commitment to their faith and their families to seek the Lord here. The Lord has brought our Congregation to a place of promise and peace. Our Pastors are bringing inspired content to our worship and small group studies and strengthening our faith daily. Amen.

Karl Rose

Where have I seen Jesus at work in St. Luke lately?
I see Jesus at work in our congregation in the love that comes forth from the people to one another and to those coming in to “check us out.” I see the grandfather who worked all night but through the love of Christ, brings his grandsons here in the morning. I see the fathers, who not that long ago were playing Risk and Chess in my family room and now are ministering the love of Christ to their families, serving at the Lord’s Table and working toward the further stability and outreach of our Congregation. I see a Congregation welcoming the neighborhood around us to come and join us and I see a willingness to serve those less fortunate, homeless, etc. I feel truly blessed to serve in this Congregation.

Ron McCarty

Where have I seen Jesus at work in St. Luke lately?
The past 12 or so weeks have been very thought provoking. The Vibrant worship series has had Jesus showing up in ways I hadn’t given much thought to in the past. Every banner illustrates ways that Jesus is connected to our everyday lives. Worship services, home groups, Sunday great room class and personal bible study have helped me see Jesus at work all around us in a variety of ways. I am looking forward to our continued walk with Jesus at St. Luke, in our homes, and in our neighborhoods.


Spiritual Leadership Council

The Spiritual Leadership Council, or “SLC,” is the primary lay leadership group in our congregation. As defined by our by-laws, this governance board is elected directly by the congregation and acts on behalf of the congregation to oversee and support the direction and mission of the church.

Bill Mahler

Where have you seen Jesus at work in St. Luke lately?
“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” – John 13:35

During this past year, evidence of our growth as Jesus’ disciples has been shown in many loving ways. First, the significant approval of the new organizational structure was followed by your generous affirmation of the new and continuing lay leaders in the election a year ago. We then supported our other two sites as they peacefully formed new congregations in order to share the love of Jesus more effectively. The third big step was the overwhelming agreement to call Pastor Justin as our Senior Pastor. We are now engaged in a process to discern where God is leading us and His vision for His church at St. Luke and beyond. We have not agreed on everything, but we have moved forward with love and respect for each other.

Along with these big events, the continuing ministries of this congregation have strengthened us in our discipleship journey and have encouraged us to invite others to share that journey. At the risk of leaving your special ministry out, let me just mention joint events with other congregations, continuing opportunities for various age groups and life circumstances, home groups, and support for organizations that serve the needs of our communities. In all of these situations, the leadership and support of our entire staff and the efforts of many volunteers have allowed us to share the love of Jesus with our fellow members, families and friends, and neighbors both near and throughout God’s world.

The future of St. Luke looks bright because we are based on the foundation of Scripture and dedicated to enriching our relationships with Jesus, each other, our communities, and the entire world. We are joining Jesus in His ministry of redeeming the world by being open to the opportunities He presents to us. “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

Jim Fink
Vice President

Where have I seen Jesus at work in St. Luke lately?
Everywhere!  I’ve seen him in our congregation’s desire to put Him first and our own comfort second. I’ve seen Him in your willingness to participate in home groups with people you don’t already know. I’ve seen Him in the pastors’ bible study, in the faces of the elders and in SLC meetings where members discuss issues of governance and policy with attitudes of encouragement and love – even when they disagree. 

And a place I have particularly seen Jesus at work is at the 8:30 service, where I get to watch Ann Davison praise Him, rely on Him and love Him with all her heart.  If you don’t know Ann, you know who she is – she is the woman in the motorized wheelchair who sits on the pulpit side of the sanctuary. As her health declines, her faith grows and her face glows.  This sister in Christ knows she is dying and, instead of complaining, she embraces every moment, knowing that each hymn of promise was written just for her. When I see Ann – in pain, totally dependent on others and totally dependent on Jesus – raising her hands in praise and in anticipation of the coming kingdom – I am reminded that I also need to see Him everywhere and rejoice in whatever circumstance comes next. 

Aaron Johnson

What is the most important step Jesus has asked you to take in your faith walk in the last 6 months?
The most important step Jesus has asked me to take in the last 6 months has been to rely on His time.  Being a member of the SLC for the past year and participating in the visioning process at St. Luke has allowed me to see a great deal of change happen in a very short period of time.  Even though the change from the ground level has felt extremely fast, the overall change is always less than I would have liked.  Christ asks us to trust Him and rely on His plan.  I have been wrong on multiple occasions over the last year as I’ve struggled to understand the difference between Christ’s time and my time.  As we enter a new year and continue the visioning process I pray that Christ would give me an open heart and enough humility and patience to act in step with His plan.

Karla Chapman

Where have you seen Jesus at work in St. Luke lately?
I have seen St Luke members supporting the sick and hurting, encouraging each other in home groups, and getting to know visitors. “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11) Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”(Galatians 6:2). Old friends are becoming closer and new friends of St Luke are becoming involved in opportunities to serve at St Luke and in our community. Especially at this time of year it is exciting to remind each other where Jesus shows up. “Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” (Philippians 2:4).

Ellen Davis
At Large Member

What is the most important step Jesus has asked you to take in your faith walk in the last 6 months?
My first thought on being asked to answer one of the questions was Whoa, how have I seen Jesus at work in me the last six months? Gulp. For various reasons, no amazing life lessons stood out to me. No huge revelations. In fact, if anything I feel I’ve been coming through a dry place.

But I want to rely on the truth of God’s love for me and the fact that He’s active in my life, even when I can’t see it clearly. Maybe some of what He’s doing is teaching me to persevere. I’m old enough to know that some of the most important lessons learned have come through not the easier but the harder times I’ve faced. At the same time, I know I’m so incredibly blessed by God that it seems faithless to say I’m not entirely sure how He’s been working in me in this season—but it’s true.

What I do know and cling to is summed up in five points Beth Moore teaches and I remember Byron (our past youth director) leaning on: God is who He says He is; He can do what He says He can do; I am who He says I am in Christ; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; His Spirit is alive and active in me.

I am so grateful not to walk this faith journey alone! You, my brothers and sisters in Christ, are God’s gift to me and a huge source of encouragement. Thank you for being a faithful faith family all along this way.

Roxanne Smith
At Large Member

What is the most important step Jesus has asked you to take in your faith walk in the last 6 months?
I was surprised and honored to be asked to serve on the Spiritual Leadership Council this past year when Jim Sorgatz stepped down to become Church Administrator. This is a faith stretching experience for me as a disabled person. It is very difficult for me to attend evening meetings because my spinal pain is quite severe and gets worse as the day goes on. However, the Council agreed that they would be willing to meet at my house in the morning once a month, rather than at church in the evening, in order to allow me to serve.

For those of you who don’t know me, when you see me standing up at church you may not realize that I am in pain. I typically have to lie down for the rest of the day just to manage my symptoms. You might see me lying down on a cot or using a special reclining chair. I also worship in a separate room which is just off the sanctuary to the left as you enter church. There is a daybed in the room which allows me to attend church.

I love St. Luke Lutheran Church because the people there have helped me to follow Jesus and to use my gifts despite my disability. I know that I am loved by God and by his people, and that gives me courage and a desire to share God’s love with others. In addition to serving in leadership, I have been a Stephen Minister for 13 years, where God has allowed me to encourage others who are going through difficulties in their lives. I love to read and have assisted Pastor Rossow in editing some of his devotions and Bible study handouts during the past six months. I am thankful that Jesus continues to grow my faith as a member of this community.

Rick Ruland
At Large Member

What is the most important step Jesus has asked you to take in your faith walk in the last 6 months?
The most important step Jesus has asked me to take in the last six months is to pray for St. Luke daily.  He has urged me to pray for the leadership, both pastoral and lay leaders, and steps we are taking together as a church.  For example, I try to pray for each pastor daily.  Pray for their protection and the protection of their families, for guidance for them and that they glorify Christ in their work and lives.  

The foundation for this prayer is grace.  It is summed up best in 2 verses from the New Testament.  The first one is from 2 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 9:” My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

The other verse is from the gospel of John chapter 15 verse 5:  (Jesus is speaking) “for apart from me you can do nothing.”  Then one verse from the Old Testament.  It is from Psalm 127 verse 1: “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.  Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”  

God has been making it clear to me that we cannot accomplish anything that really matters apart from him.  Human strength and human wisdom amount to nothing; but when God gets involved the right things happen.  This has been my foundation as I pray for St. Luke.