When you’re out shopping this week, grab some diapers (large ones: 5s or 6s or pull-ups) and a baby blanket (new, unused soft cotton fabric (not knitted or crocheted), around 44 x 30in. Homemade is okay if they fit the other descriptors.

Bring them to worship with you and put your gifts in the play-pen display. We’ll be collecting these items for two Sundays, and on Monday Feb. 7, we’ll take them to the Hope Clinic.

The motivation? We reach – Christ restores. We just observed Life Sunday last week. We can’t claim to be pro-life and not care about the babies and families who have chosen life but are struggling to buy diapers and blankets.

Now, of Valentines!

When you’re at the store, add some valentines candy and a card or two in your cart for our healthcare workers. Why? We reach – Christ restores.

All Valentines candy must be individually wrapped in its original package; sorry, home-made isn’t safe right now.

Bring candy and cards to worship, and in-between services for the next two Sundays, we’ll gather at tables in the hallway to write notes of love and support for our healthcare workers at St. Joseph. We’ll have cards on hand if you forget to pick bring some.

Right before Valentine’s Day, we’ll take the cards and candy to the staff break-rooms on as many floors as we can at the hospital, where the pace has not let up and the staff is in need of our love, prayers, and quick calorie energy!

Questions? Text/email/call Pastor John, jsproul@stlukeaa.org, 314.795.9539.