By Paul Easterday

As we continue mourning the loss of our friend, mentor, and teacher Byron Porisch we wanted to take some time to work through and discuss the idea of grief and how it impacts our lives. More than just some pointers or material to read, we wanted to offer face to face time to talk through the issues at hand and hear words from a  professional spoken to our circumstances.

We will be gathering at St. Luke Ann Arbor on Wednesday, November 20 at 7:00pm to spend some time talking about grief and loss. I would encourage you to come out and hear words from our Pastors as well as Amy Chmielinski, a licensed practicing counselor, about dealing with death as well as living in the hope of the resurrection.

The event is open to everyone, however I would especially encourage youth and their parents to come out if possible. We’ll be spending some time dealing with issues specific to teens.

Oh, and there just might be a gutter filled with ice cream!