Monday, May 14 we gathered as a congregation to vote on our annual ministry plan and budget. The budget included a new position for St. Luke, the Director of Finance and Operations. This position fills two vacant positions: the Business Manager and the Executive Director positions. The congregation voted unanimously to pass the budget. We got to meet Susan Jones, our new Director of Finance and Operations, at that meeting. 

Susan currently provides financial and organizational leadership for Novus International, based in St. Louis, MO as an analyst and supply chain cost accountant.

Susan graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in parish work from St. John’s College in Winfield, KS and received her Master’s of Business Administration from the Sam Walton School of Business at he the University of Arkansas.

She has served as Lead Accountant, Financial Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, and Finance Manager for a variety of companies, including Trinity Meyer, Binswanger Glass, and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., among others.

Susan has served alongside her husband, Pastor Todd Jones, in a variety of ministry settings, from congregations in California, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to Todd’s service as a professor at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and, currently, as the Assistant to the President of the Michigan District (LCMS) for Mission Education and New Starts Advancement.

They have been married 35 years and have two grown children and four grandkids. Susan enjoys crafting and spending time with her dogs in her free time. She loves teaching as part of her service to the church, and she is looking forward to establishing stronger relationships at St. Luke.

Search Team Comments

Senior Pastor Justin Rossow sought input from staff and lay leaders using the primary areas of responsibility and qualifications from the Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) job description, along with criteria established by St. Luke’s staffing toward a vision to evaluate candidates for the DFO position. Below are a few comments from the search team about Susan under those headings.

Living Out and Supporting St. Luke Values and Growth Environments

Susan demonstrated alignment to St. Luke values throughout the interview process. She also clearly values integrity, honesty, relationships, and respect for other people—all essential trait for this position. She showed a passion for all of our Growth Environments (My Church Home, My Discipling Relationships, and My Everyday Communities) and will be able to support all of these environments through financial and operational leadership.

 Operations and Process Development

Susan has a proven track record in developing new processes, data management, and structures. She loves data and numbers and is highly relational. This combination allows her to partner with people who use a system or process in ways that help the process run smoothly.

Financial Leadership

Susan is detail-oriented and brings integrity and experience to financial leadership. She understands how vision and budget interact. She is committed to risk analysis and ready to try new things to reach new people.

Recruiting, Equipping, Overseeing, and Coaching Staff and Volunteers

Susan left a positive impression on the staff she will be working with. She understands volunteer service, support, and team building. Susan will be a real asset in developing a strong volunteer culture at St. Luke.

Additional Comments from the Team:

 Karla Chapman, Congregational Treasurer

Susan’s master’s degree in Business Administration and her wide range of experience in financial management and analysis will make her a great fit for St. Luke. I really appreciated her heart for people combined with a passion for numbers.

Aaron Johnson, Congregational Vice President and Staffing Team Chair

Susan has a unique blend of operational awareness and care for people where they are. She understands the importance of tapping into Jesus’ unique activity in our stories and finding ways to use that in service of His story. I look forward to working with Susan as we all learn how to follow Jesus better together.

Pastor Matt Hein, Minister of Discipleship

Susan understands church culture and is able to function within it as a leader and a disciple. She also has a heart for connecting with people who are not part of a churched culture. The ability to interact engage in both cultures makes her uniquely suited for a primary leadership role at St. Luke. I’m excited about how her partnership can help us more fully experience and participate in Jesus’ kingdom activity within our church home, discipling relationships, and everyday communities.