By Bill Pemberton

Everyone’s lives are hectic and filled with technological distractions, and my family is no exception. Smart phones, computers, TVs, and tablets are always within reach of some piece of technology.

While this isn’t out of the ordinary, and necessary to run our business, and sometimes our life, it can make a bit of a disconnect between us. We try pretty hard through the rest of the year to do things to connect as a family, and as both parent and child and as a couple.

Now in the midst of summer it feels more and more we are disconnecting to reconnect on a regular basis–whether it’s going swimming, having fires in the backyard, or any of the other thousand things that make summer so much fun. I feel this disconnect to reconnect not only helps to replenish our connection to each other, but it strengthens our bond as a family.

Now in the midst of summer and it feels more and more we are disconnecting to reconnect on a regular basis.

We talk more, do more, and experience more as a family during these months than we ever do the rest of the year. While this does, at times, put a lot of pressure on us as parents to strive for more and better things to do, we forget that sometimes the best time is the simple times. A day spent at the park, beach, or pool just playing and being together is just as fun as going here or there.

All of the technology that has been developed to make us more connected and efficient still can’t get one thing back that is more important than anything else: time with your loved ones.

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