by Miriam Rossow

When we were pregnant we were asked if we wanted to have a test done to find out if our baby was going to have down syndrome. We did not have that test done on any of our 4 children. As we considered this option we leaned on the fact that whether the baby God was giving us had this disability or any other our love and the outcome of the birth would not change.

Each child is a gift from God and each child is made, created, and loved by God just the same. So no matter if they had this disability or any other we would love them.

That being said, having children with disabilities whether physical or learning brings about challenges that require a different kind of patience and perhaps at time a different kind of love.

When my oldest was in 2nd grade she struggled with reading and math. The school she attended had a teacher through Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM). Through out the year she was able to go and spend time with Mrs. Messeman.  They played games, worked on concepts, and the special one on one teacher time, was loved.

When we started the process there had been talk of the possibility of holding our daughter back a year. I was scared and saddened by this option. I felt like I had let her down and was even embarrassed that she would have to repeat a year. I was a teacher for goodness sake!

The LSEM teacher and principal talked with me and reassured me that neither my daughter nor I had done anything wrong. Kids learn in different stages and different ways. I was thankful for their support and in the end we did not need to repeat that year. She just needed a little help along the way and a little more time.

Lutheran Special Education Ministries(LSEM) and St. Paul Lutheran School invite you to join them for  Discovering Disabilities: Including All of God’s Children viewing event.

This event is to help raise awareness of specific disabilities and explore the unique strengths of individuals with disabilities. We will be hosting a viewing of the video “ADD & Loving It?!”. There will also be a time for general discussion of the video and time for questions and answers.

We hope this event will help raise awareness of common disabilities and promote ways to help include all of God’s children in our communities.

Join LSEM at St. Paul Lutheran School on May 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm. St. Paul is located at 495 Earhart Rd., Ann Arbor. For questions about this event, contact: Pam Schroeder  at 734-439-7050