The Elders serve as an extension of the pastoral office. Their primary role is one of care. They assist pastors in worship and in theological discussion, help teach bible classes, assist in making home or hospital visits, and are open ears to our congregation and their needs and opinions.

You can learn more about how we are organized to join Jesus on His mission by reading this blog or watching the video below.

The congregation annually elects members of our Board of Elders.
Please keep these members in your prayers as they seek to serve Jesus by serving you.

Name:  Jarrod Cunnings

Office Serving: Elder

Married: 10 years to Angela Cunnings

Family: Elizabeth (8), Thomas (6), Theresa (20 months)

Years at St. Luke: 5 +years

Where have you seen Jesus active in at least one of our growth environments?
The most recent Church Home growth and in My Discipling Relationships have been with my children. Now that my oldest is able to read and comprehend the basics, I have enjoyed explaining to her about Jesus and the text of the gospel. My 6-year-old enjoys actively grabs his bible to look through and try to read. My 20 month has just learned to fold her hands when we give thanks at dinner. But most importantly, I enjoy instilling the desire to serve. I try to actively get my children to help me when I usher because I want them to learn to interact with other and to humbly serve others in the name of Jesus.

Name:  Rick Darragh

Office Serving: Elder

Married: To Debbie Darragh for 44 wonderful years.

Family: Three grown children Ben Darragh, Anna Publiski, Emily Quinton and 9 grandchildren

Years at St. Luke: 34 years

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
Recently I have been leaning into dependence on Jesus. My elderly mother recently has had some serious health issues that have taken her from living independently to rehab and assisted living situations. Walking with her in this, along with other family members, we have seen Jesus at work in many of the challenges that are involved in these difficult transitions for us and for her. One of the things Jesus showed me during this time is that He is always with us and is very near as he has promised. As in the Bible story of the three men in the fiery furnace God did not spare them from the fire but was with them and saved them in the fire. Another point that has been helpful during this time is something from the Delight sermon series in that as we lean into Jesus and delight in him, he molds and shapes our desires to resonate with what he desires for us even in challenging situations.

Name:  Sean Egmon

Office Serving: Elder

Married: 25 years to Lisa

Family: Angela, Robyn and Samuel

Years at St. Luke: 23 or so

Where have you seen Jesus active in at least one of our growth environments?
The more I look, the more I see. Realizing that God delights in me has helped me to see obstacles at work, home and church as opportunities to see what Jesus has in mind. Building my faith and the faith of those around me can be seen in the way we respond to things that don’t go our way. I see that I’ve changed, my family has changed and our church has changed to be more loving, less argumentative and more focused on relationships. Those opportunities bear fruit in ways that only Jesus could form.

Name: Steve Hoover

Office: Serving Elder

Married: 25 years with Susan

Family: Bethany, Jonathan, and Joshua

Years at St.Luke years: 36

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
We host a small group at our house, where we most certainly connect thru relationship. But recently as we have been studying Peter, we have had some in depth discussions about Theology, especially comparing our church’s to others. The core value of faithfulness to complex truths has been evident in all of these. This has had an effect on my children as well, as one of them was spending time with another church’s youth group, but ultimately stopped because they deny the trinity. We may not fully understand it, but they displayed faithfulness to it, defending it to the group when it came up.

Name: Tom Kamrath

Office Serving: Elder

Married: Yes, 42 years to my wonderful wife Pam

Family: (3) children and (7) grandchildren.

Years at St. Luke: Have worshiped at St Luke for 18 years

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
Being active in various ministries at St. Luke has allowed me to be involved with people outside of our Sunday morning worship and get to know them on a more personal level. Currently, we are in the Precepts class learning more about the Bible and God’s love for us.

Name: Ron McCarty

Office Serving: Elder

Married: 45 years to Patti McCarty

Three grown children: Megan Colon, Emily Dawes, Paul McCarty

Membership at St. Luke: 30 plus years.

How have you seen our mission statement lived out in your life?
The mission statement has gotten me beyond just learning the names of our members. I now try to get to know each person a little better by sharing and learning more about their story. In the environment of church sometimes time doesn’t permit us to get to know very much about each other. Knowing His story and knowing that we are on each other’s rope makes serving the membership of St. Luke a joy.

Name:  Jim Putz

Office Serving: Elder

Married: Luana 33 years

Family: Matthew, Brandon and Jacob, all grown

Years at St. Luke: Transferred to St. Luke in 1990

Where have you seen Jesus active in at least one of our growth environments?
In My Church Home in the shared experience of worship services. As a group we are all in this together when we bring our burdens to Jesus and we rejoice together in the sights and sounds of His Word.

Name: Andy Smith

Office Serving: Elder

Married: 28 years to Roxanne Smith

Family: Jakob, age 22 yrs

Years at St. Luke: 46 yrs

Where have you seen Jesus active in at least one of our growth environments?
During our Sunday morning education hour, high school students attended with adults for a recent Bible study and discussion series. This type of intergenerational contact can be powerful.

Jesus has also orchestrated some “coincidences” – e.g., a member of our home fellowship group met by “chance” a young couple who had a strong interest in, and many profound questions about, Jesus. They attended our small group several times; they read and discussed Scripture with us. It was a privilege to tell them about Jesus.