The Elders serve as an extension of the pastoral office. Their primary role is one of care. They assist pastors in worship and in theological discussion, help teach bible classes, assist in making home or hospital visits, and are open ears to our congregation and their needs and opinions.

You can learn more about how we are organized to join Jesus on His mission by reading this blog or watching the video below.

The congregation annually elects members of our Board of Elders.
Please keep these members in your prayers as they seek to serve Jesus by serving you.

Jarrod Cunnings
Wife: Angela Cunnings
Family: Elizabeth, Thomas, Theresa
Years at St. Luke: 6.5

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values. 
In the past year, I have involved my oldest children (Elizabeth and Thomas) in ushering with me on Sunday mornings. Ushering and doing Dads-on-Duty allowed me to learn the names and backgrounds of many people at St. Luke. I want to see my kids learn to help others and exemplify the values of St Luke daily.


Sean Egmon
Wife: Lisa
Family: Angela, Robyn, Samuel
Years at St. Luke: 24

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
Dependence on Jesus is something I experience more and more as I get older. As much as I like to “fix” things, God seems to be using situations in my life to teach me to depend on Him. Often, it’s the situations where there seems to be a logical/easy answer to a problem but then there is a twist where the easy answer isn’t the choice. I’ve found that prayer is the only way to sleep. Giving it over to Jesus and waiting to see what he will do. This is also forcing me to be patient and wait for him. As we’ve reread the story of King Saul, I recognize myself in his story. I realize that I need to pause, pray and wait. Even for the things that seem easy.

Steve Hoover
Wife: Susan
Family: Bethany, Jonathan, Joshua
Years at St.Luke: 36

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
We host a small group at our house, where we most certainly connect thru relationship. But recently as we have been studying Peter, we have had some in depth discussions about Theology, especially comparing our church’s to others. The core value of faithfulness to complex truths has been evident in all of these. This has had an effect on my children as well, as one of them was spending time with another church’s youth group, but ultimately stopped because they deny the trinity. We may not fully understand it, but they displayed faithfulness to it, defending it to the group when it came up.

Tom Kamrath
Wife: Pam
Family: 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren
Years at St. Luke: 19

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
Being part of a small group at St. Luke has allowed me to get to know people on a much more personal level. Volunteering to help with other ministries at St. Luke has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know people both inside and outside of St. Luke and share my faith with them.

Ron McCarty
Wife: Patti
Family: 3 adult children, Megan, Emily, and Paul. We have 10 grandchildren.
Years at St. Luke: 35

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
Connection through authentic relationships takes time and energy but is essential in our walk with Jesus. Patti and I have been part of what we call our “prayer group” for over 40 years. The group has shared in births of children, loss of parents and many other of life’s challenges along the way. Having these families in our life has been key in following Jesus. It is a great feeling to know that you are being held up in prayer by others and have people in your life to continually pray for. We have shared difficulties and joys throughout the years and are there for each other in times of need. Our “prayer group” is simply a part of who we are over a long period of time. God has truly blessed the relationships we have in this group.

We have also taken advantage of being in home groups at St. Luke using materials from “Taking Worship Home” and committing the time to develop newer authentic relationships. These relationships take time, prayer, and commitment, but walking together with Jesus is easier than walking alone.

Jim Putz
Wife: Luana
Family: Matthew, Brandon, Jacob, all grown
Years at St. Luke: 20

Where have you seen Jesus active in at least one of our growth environments?
I have seen Jesus active in my church home in the Bible Study classes during the Discipleship Hour. The many attendees are interactive and show a thirst for the Gospel.


Andy Smith 
Wife: Roxanne
Family: Jakob
Years at St. Luke: 47

Tell a story of how you have experienced one of our core values.
I think of “Dependence on Jesus” – as a husband, father, son, brother, employee, and member of the congregation, I learn over and over again that I have choices, but not control. I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me guidance and wisdom. I try to discern what God wants me to do, and act accordingly. I cannot control the final outcome of any particular series of events. I wrestle with God in prayer (Gen 32:24). I ask for “the serenity” to accept “the things that cannot be changed” and the “courage to change the things which should be changed.” I hold on to Jesus when I can, and He holds onto me when I can’t hold onto Him. Jesus is the One who reached down into our world, and He is always at work, even when I can’t figure out what He’s doing. He speaks powerfully through the scriptures, and I try to remain open to what He’s saying. When I struggle with grief, pain, sadness, or disappointment, Jesus is still there. He grieves over our losses, and yet, at the same time, He is still building His kingdom among us. Even in my saddest days, He still makes it clear that He is blessing me in some ways, even as I mourn my losses in others. I must remain thankful, even in my sad days.