Adult members of all sites will be invited to vote for elder and leadership candidates on Sundays, November 9 & 16. Stop by the voting tables at your site to affirm the candidates.

BrookeBowen copyBrooke Bowen

Living Water Elder Candidate

God is my creator, sustainer, and redeemer. I know that He created me solely so that I can glorify Him. He has already given me everything I need to serve him. I do a lousy job, but I try (solely because of the faith He has blessed me with) and I trust that He forgives me when I fail because of his immense grace and mercy.






DavidCarlson copyDavid Carlson

All-Site Elder Candidate

God, the author of all things, has adopted me as His child via the atonement of my sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus, His only child. Everything I have or ever will have belongs to Him. I would live, by His grace, only to glorify Him. Having learned that anything good comes as a gift from God I continuously offer thanks and praise to Him. Having also learned that I can do nothing without Him, I constantly ask His help.





ElizabethJahn copyElizabeth Jahn

University Lutheran Chapel SAT Candidate

The Lord is my rock, my refuge, and my redeemer. I was a “PK” (aka Pastor’s Kid) growing up, which has influenced me greatly throughout my life. My father was gifted preacher with a heart for the lost and infirmed, and my mother was my spiritual mentor and guide throughout her life. Through the dark moments of life, even as a child, I was continually reminded that God is always faithful and that He will use all things to His glory. My prayer in those moments was (and continues to be) for God to strengthen me, draw me closer to Him, and enable me to use those experiences to help others. The strong, fervent belief that there is an ultimate purpose and plan for all things is a foundational aspect of my faith.

I believe in the importance of stewardship of the gifts and resources that God has blessed me with, and I was strengthened greatly through the Financial Peace University class that I took in 2012 with Pastor Dan Flynn. I strive to continue to apply many of those principles in my life, both directly and indirectly.

I’ve been part of a women’s small group for approximately 14 years. The group has shifted throughout the years, but I have found it to be a tremendous blessing both to be in deep fellowship with others and to pursue God’s teaching through various bible studies and books. It has enabled me to not only learn and study God’s word, but also to strengthen others.

EllenDavis copyEllen Davis

St. Luke Ann Arbor SAT Candidate

He is my all in all! I am so grateful for the mercy the Father has shown in sending Jesus as my Savior, calling me into relationship as His child, and filling me with His Spirit. Though I regularly fall short, my desire is to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I cannot hope to do this in my own strength but on by His enabling, and I am acutely aware of my daily dependence on Him. I draw inspiration from reading and meditating on scripture as part of my daily prayer life as well as occasional spiritual reading/Bible study on prayer and other topics. Karl and I are enthusiastic participants in a small fellowship group (which has been a lifeline for us for many years) and are committed to tithing.




EricGlenn copyEric Glenn

St. Luke Ann Arbor Elder Candidate

Each evening I prayerfully consider my past day and ask how I have served the kingdom and where I have fallen short. Each morning I begin with prayer asking that mine be a day of service to the Lord and that I am an example of Jesus’ love to those around me. I am trying to reinforce the practice of focusing on ten versus from the bible daily for a week. I try to incorporate the notes that I have taken during service on Sunday as part of my reflection and study for that week. I have participated in two Triad study groups. I have served on two call committees for Pastor and Associate Pastor at the SLAA site.




JimFink copyJim Fink

St. Luke Ann Arbor Elder Candidate

I am a fallen sinner, saved by grace alone. I am constantly aware of God’s forgiveness of and tolerance for my sinful nature. I try to read scriptures daily, but have failed to do so as of late. I attend a Saturday morning bible study that I joined over 30 years ago. The regular attendees are three men that I met in elementary and junior high school and they have been friends since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. One of the founders recently returned to the area and has rejoined the group. I do not aspire to the office of Elder, but having been asked to consider standing for election, I am willing to serve should the Lord lay it collective heart of St. Luke to retain me in this position.




Mike Hasey

St. Luke Ann Arbor Elder Candidate

My relationship with God is something that is really important to me. I am grateful for what Jesus has done in my life and I strive to serve him everyday, however imperfectly. I have a passion for studying God’s Word. I find it to be true that Scripture is living and active. Every time I read it, I notice new things that I had not noticed before. I feel that I am still growing in my faith and don’t feel that I have “arrived”, but would describe it as more of a lifetime journey.


PhilArmbruster copyPhil Armbruster

University Lutheran Chapel Elder Candidate

I would like to say my relationship with God has been a steady uphill climb since my youth when God blessed me with an outpouring of his Holy Spirit. However, I would characterize it more as a rocky path. I don’t feel like it has been mountaintops and valleys, instead it is more of a slow path with challenges along the way.






SamFink copySam Fink

University Lutheran Chapel Elder Candidate

My relationship with God is a well described as a “journey of faith.” I find His mercies and forgiveness new every day, and while I do stumble on the way, becoming a Christ-like disciple is my focus. I love to lead education classes, and to participate in fellowship with other Christians. At the Chapel, one of the best things an Elder can do is to just show up. I hope to continue to be an example of a consistent Christian man to both the Youth, and our adult congregants.





SeanEgmon copySean Egmon

St. Luke Ann Arbor Elder Candidate

I would describe my relationship as deep and personal. He is the source of strength, guidance, and wisdom. Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. The sacrifice of his life and subsequent resurrection from the dead cleanses me from my sins and allows me to be in relationship with God the Father.