Congregation Election 2019-2020 

For an overview on our governance structure and how the congregation, staff, and lay leadership work together Click Here.

Job Descriptions


The president of the congregation presides over meetings of the Voters Assembly and the Spiritual Leadership Council and is the primary lay representative of St. Luke Lutheran Church. Most importantly, the president leads the congregation by living out our mission and values. The president intentionally keeps taking next steps in seeking everyone’s story and sharing in the story of Jesus. These steps, no matter how big or small, should always reflect our openness to people and expressions, faithfulness to the complex truth of God’s word intersecting with daily life, connecting through authentic relationships, and dependence on Jesus for everything. As the primary lay representative of the congregation, the president gives feedback and input to the Senior Pastor. As the leader of the SLC, the president ensures that the Senior Pastor is both accountable and supported. Other typical activities related to the office of president include:

  • scheduling congregational and SLC meetings and proposing the agendas,
  • participating in the development of the vision, ministry plans, and budget of St. Luke,
  • in cooperation with the Senior Pastor, keeping the members of St. Luke informed about significant developments for the congregation,
  • meeting regularly with the Senior Pastor and as needed with other staff members,
  • finding people to fulfill the duties of standing and special committees,
  • monitoring and assisting the committees so that they fulfill their responsibilities,
  • leading the SLC to develop policies to govern the activities of the congregation,
  • making sure an appropriate position description is developed whenever a vacancy for an ordained or commissioned minister occurs,
  • responding appropriately to concerns brought by members of St. Luke,
  • signing official documents on behalf of the congregation when needed,
  • participating in St. Luke activities whenever possible, and
  • keeping the Senior Pastor, staff, and congregation before God in prayer.

Vice President

Fills the roles of the President when the President is not in available.


The Treasurer oversees matters related to the receipt, disbursement, and reporting of financial funds and assets of the congregation. In addition, the Treasurer:

  • Has a strong background in accounting.
  • Maintains communication with the Business Manager and Ministry Staff.
  • Reviews invoices and signs checks weekly or additionally as needed.
  • Prepares monthly financial reports and shares them with the finance team and the Spiritual Leadership Council.
  • Is a member of SLC and attends meetings, provides input, etc. as required
  • Is a resource to the business manager on all accounting related questions/issues.
  • Reviews the annual budget in conjunction with Ministry Staff and Business Manager.
  • Is accountable to the Voter’s Assembly through the direction of the Spiritual Leadership Council (SLC).


The secretary of the congregation is responsible for the accurate and complete recording of minutes for the meetings of the SLC and Voters Assembly. Minutes are to be recorded in an accurate, faithful and objective way that will give a congregation member reading them a clear idea of what the topics of discussion were in the meeting along with motions, action items and supporting documents from other meeting participants such as Pastor’s Reports and Financial Reports. Every effort should be made to remove personal bias from the recording of minutes. Duties of the Secretary include:

  • Taking notes during all SLC Meetings and Voters Assembly Meetings to ensure accurate recording of attendance, all motions, seconds, and results.
  • Preparing official minutes for meetings to be approved by SLC vote.
  • Collecting reports and supporting documents to be included with each meeting’s minutes.
  • Delivering approved minutes to St. Luke staff to be available for congregation members upon request
  • Scheduling meetings in connect software, which includes coordinating with meeting participants, reserving rooms and resources and posting meetings to the church wide calendar

At-Large Representative

There are three at-large members of the Spiritual Leadership Council. These three individuals complement the work of the four officers and the senior pastor. Ideally, an at-large member would be very prayerful in trying to discern God’s will; a team player who is inclined to listen as well as to contribute in council meetings; and a person with good relational skills to be able to interact with members of the congregation and represent their views to the Council. At-large members also need to be good at keeping confidentiality when necessary, but generally have an open and welcoming spirit. They will want to offer encouragement and loving yet honest feedback to the officers and senior pastor. This role requires a time commitment of one 3 hour meeting once a month. Additionally, at-large members spend another 2-3 hours per month on internal communication. Extra time may be required depending on the overall ministry needs of the congregation; at-large members need to be open to additional “assignments” that come up periodically.



  • The Elders serve as an extension of the pastoral office. The Board of Elders consists of those elders affirmed by the Voters Assembly as set forth in this document.
  • The Board of Elders shall ensure St. Luke remains on a true course biblically and doctrinally and is protected from harmful influences, lovingly confronting those who are contradicting biblical truth or who are continuing in patters of sinful behavior
  • ensure the members of St. Luke are being appropriately shepherded and receiving sufficient pastoral care
  • support, assist and provide counsel to the ministry staff, ensuring that all staff and their families receive adequate care
  • assist in preparing and presiding over public worship services and with the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism as directly by the ministry staff
  • handle issues referred to it by the Spiritual Leadership Council and/or Senior Pastor, including matters related to conflict resolution, discipline, healing and restoration of members
  • elect an Elder Chairman and Vice Chairman from among its members by a majority of all votes cast