By Katie Renken

Gentiles came to visit the Babe, God upon this Earth
An amazing chapter did unfold, to give us all new birth!
A special celebration is in the works …
Just for women and girls, so here are the perks!
Please come for good food, good friends, and good conversation
On the 10th of January, so … make your reservation!
We will convene from ten to twelve. You’ve never come? Well, that is large!
A warm welcome awaits you … and there is no charge.
Just bring a gift for the homeless of money or goods.
You’ll be honoring Jesus and worshiping God.

By Linda Murdock

December 25 has come and gone, but the joy of Christmas permeates our hearts as we consider what Jesus’ birth meant to each person who surrounded the Christ Child during His infancy. Shepherds, Wise Men, and even animals paid homage to the Son of God and showed amazing gladness, respect, and hope for the future.

As women, we are so easily caught up in the preparation and presentation of the Christmas celebration that we seldom pause and take in the peacefulness of the season. Epiphany gives us that unique opportunity to separate ourselves from the shopping, cooking, decorating, and traveling in order to ponder God’s immense gift in Jesus through “Epiphany eyes.”

A brunch meal is being hosted by St. Luke Women in Mission at the home of Beth DeMeritt (7226 Spy Glass Lane, Ypsilanti) on Saturday, January 10. Please sign up at your site or call Carol (734.485.0772), Linda (734.761.6150), or Beth (734.879.0488).

Don’t forget to bring your favorite nativity scene animal so you can share why it is meaningful to you. If you’d like to donate something for the breakfast buffet, feel free to bring whatever recipe suits your fancy. Try the recipes below if you’re looking for something super simple and easy.

Please pass this invitation along to all your sisters in Christ, including relatives and neighbors. It will be a morning of devotion, love, and laughter. No pain … all gain!

The following recipe ideas are courtesy of Disney’s Enjoy them with your family as you celebrate the Feast of Epiphany and read Matthew 2:1-12 together.

Three Kings’ Bread

Traditional Kings’ Bread consists of 7 sweet yeast balls of bread dough baked into a circle, then frosted with icing. If you’re looking for a quick way to make Kings’ Bread, pick up two tubes of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. Arrange the rolls in a circle on a lightly greased baking sheet. Bake according to package directions, then ice with the accompanying packet of icing. You may place a trinket in the center of the “crown” or add food coloring and sprinkles to the icing for a royal look.

Epiphany Wassail (Lamb’s Wool)

Wassail is a traditional food served in England on the day of Epiphany. Try this yummy version of Cinnamon Apple Wassail by stirring 1 cup of Red Hots candy into 1 quart of apple juice. Heat until the candy is melted. Serve steaming hot in mugs.