By Miriam Rossow

The Feast of Epiphany is observed today on January 6th celebrating Christ coming to the Gentile nations. It is a celebration of light to a dark world.  As these ‘magicians,’ not kings, followed the star looking for this new king they were brought into the very presence of God.

Epiphany celebrates God bringing His peace and love to those who were outsiders. These men in search of wisdom were looking for it in many places, and not all of them were kosher. God uses their knowledge of the stars and stories they had heard to bring them into His presence.

So often I find myself forgetting that I am one of those outsiders. Not the fact that I am a gentile, but the fact that I am in my original state a sinner and enemy of God. I mean, I am a good person. I follow moral and civil laws. I love my family and my neighbor. I am a kind person at heart. I go to church regularly. I mean, I am a pastor’s wife!  I live a good life and even try to make others’ lives better.

I can so easily get caught up in what I do and how I live and forget that I am not a good person in eyes of God in my fallen state. Even my good deeds are filthy rags and fall short.

As an outsider who can not be in the presence of God I am just like these magi. I am just like these men who are a little questionable in the eyes of those around them. I am like these men who were looking everywhere to find the truth. I am like these men who did not even really know what they were looking for.

These outsiders needed God to show up in a big way. They needed to be led with a bright shining star right to the king.  In the same way, I need God to show up in a big way. In Christmas and Epiphany He did this. He came to me as an outsider, as a fallen sinner to show up in a big way and redeem me. In Him I am a good person in the eyes of God.

By being led to this King Jesus, I am brought in as a one of His own. I am given a gift that I did not even know I needed or wanted. And what a gift it is!

So as I live my life as a good person it is in those good deeds that I can be reminded that God has showed up in a big way and I have been led to the very presence of God in this Jesus. I want to continue to follow the star of this king Jesus and be led to the presence of God.

Follow the star!

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