By Bridget Wolk

“I’m sorry Mrs. Wolk, you have breast cancer.” My husband and I freeze in disbelief. My children flash in my head and all that I will miss if it takes my life. How do I tell them, my Mom and Dad, and my siblings? The Oncologist recommends 4 chemotherapy treatments and 35 radiation treatments. I take a deep breath. Oh God, please help me.

I was too new at being a born again Christian to know I should open the Bible. At the time I was attending a mega Church. I didn’t know anyone, so I didn’t ask for extra prayer. Nonetheless, God didn’t seem to mind. He knew I loved Him.

Alone in my bedroom I fell on my knees. I prayed for healing and strength to get through it. I thanked Him for my life and all that He had given me. I was scared and needed His grace. I knew I needed to lean on God to get through it.

Before leaving for the hospital, on my knees, I asked God to be there with me during chemotherapy treatment. The nurse was totally covered in protective gear to protect herself from the drugs she was putting directly into my veins.

I prayed and felt Jesus’ peace and calmness overwhelm me. At home, sick and hugging the toilet I prayed and again felt Jesus’ love, like He was holding my hair back as I puked; which is kind of funny because I had no hair.

Before going to my first radiation treatment, I asked God to join me on the radiation table. While on the table I kept repeating “Hold me tight Jesus, hold me tight.” Feeling His love, I relaxed. One of the technicians even made a remark about how at ease I seemed to be.

The last 4 treatments were especially scary. I was placed in a room where the door seemed to be about a foot thick. The technician set me up and then left me there, all by myself behind that thick door. I thought about Jesus and His goodness.  “Can you help me again, Jesus?” He was always there. He never left me.

Eight months later I had a mass on my ovaries. On my knees, I prayed for a healing.  It turned out to be non-cancerous. Two months after that they thought the breast cancer returned. Again, it turned out to be non-cancerous. A year later and then 2 years later they thought the breast cancer was back.  It wasn’t. Praise God.

Pastor Dan spoke about how Jesus healed 10 men with Leprosy (Luke 17:11). Only one returned, a Samaritan.  “…when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him…” I would like to think that during that part of my life I was like the Samaritan. But, I know I fell short. So I continue to strive to be thankful for all things and I try to remember that no matter what, God will never leave me.