By Bridget Wolk

I’ve always believed that my calling has been as a helper. Whether it’s at work, church, or at home, with children or with adults, serving others is where I find peace.

Sometimes God asks me to serve in areas were I just have to shake my head and then take a deep breath. The Holy Spirit is always putting on my heart to go for it.

The other day, my husband needed my help in the most unusual way. He was working in our yard moving dirt with his front end loader. Unfortunately, it broke down fairly close to the road. He asked if I could help him move it away from traffic.

I’ve never gotten on any of his equipment. I knew nothing about it. He wanted me to unlock the brake and steer it up the driveway as he was towing it with another piece of equipment.

He said, “Just push the button on the emergency brake to release it.” I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t strong enough to push the button in. “Lift it up, then push it in.” I gave him a very hesitant “OK.”

Now I needed to steer it. There is no power steering. I was to muster up all the strength I had to steer it in the direction it needed to go. Again, I said a very hesitant “OK.”

As he was hooking up the chain that was to go between both vehicles, I called out to Jesus. I asked Him to help me. There was no way I could do it without Him. “Please Jesus, lead me, guide me, help me. I need Your strength.” I knew Jesus would be strong where I am weak.

Pastor Rossow said in order help others we need to be replenished with a constant flow of God’s Living Water. 1 John 38 says, “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'” I needed to be replenished with God’s flow of Living Water. “Please Lord God, fill me to overflowing so I can help my husband.”

As always, when God asks me to do something, through my belief in Him, He gives me the ability to do it. I pushed the button to release the brake, and steered it up the hill and around a corner. Job well done!

Thank You, God.