Our Web Content Coordinator Lydia Will interviews Financial Peace University graduate Kealy W.

LW: People from many different walks of life have participated in Financial Peace University (FPU). Tell us about your background and what initially drew you to the program?

KW: I am a 35 year old female software developer. Paul and I got married in Oct 2015. I grew up with a father who was the financial director of our city, so I had a lot of fiscal responsibility instilled in me. Paul, however, had a very different up bringing and there was never any talk about fiancees. He also had quite a bit of debt and we didn’t know the best way to take care of it. We did not share the same language when it came to money which it made it hard to even start.

LW: How has FPU changed how your family views finances?

KW: FPU changed how I thought about credit cards and car loans. I didn’t know I was a anomaly by paying my credit card bill in full every month and didn’t know the struggle my husband had with them. Since FPU Paul has cut up all of his credit cards and I rarely use mine. I always thoughts car loans were just thing you had to have to buy a car. FPU really opened my eyes as to why their not a good idea.

LW: Goal setting is an important part of FPU. What sort of financial goals have you accomplished since participating in the program?

KW: We have very basic goals so far; pay off debt and save for a house downpayment. We are 2 months from being debt free, and I am so happy! The next task will be save a house downpayment before our lease is up.

LW: What was your favorite part of FPU?

KW: The easy answer is the videos, but really the best part was learning together with my husband and creating a shared language of fiancees.

LW: As Christians, responsible stewardship is one of the ways we respond to God’s blessings in our lives.  How can FPU help Christians be better stewards?

KW: Dave Ramsey’s mantra of “Live like no one else so you can live and give like no one else.” is so powerful. It helps me to remember why I work, why we are paying off the debt, why just earning money isn’t just the goal. We can do wonderful, kind, powerful, things for God’s purpose with our money, but also our time, minds, and hearts.

LW: Many people feel paralyzed by the idea of getting financially organized. What would you say to someone who is unsure about participating?

KW:  I think feeling paralyzed comes from being overwhelmed. Dave’s baby steps help you to break down a large task into small parts. I see coming to FPU as baby step zero. Just take one small step; commit to coming to class, and listen.

Financial Peace University is a nine-week class that begins January 17. Participation requires purchasing an FPU kit. While you may purchase the kit when registering online, we do have a few kits to sell for $85. Email Pastor Dan if you wish to purchase a one of these kits. The kit gives you the materials and access to FPU’s web site to support your journey to financial peace. Please register in advance online.