This last fall Amy and Bill Pemberton came to me and said they were debt free. There was laughter and joy and peace. Amy and Bill had taken my FPU class back in 2013 at St. Luke. Unknown to me, they came to the class stressed, frustrated, and angry. Angry at their debt and angry with each other. Their marriage was taking some major hits as the struggled with the growing $61,000 of debt.

They resolved to destroy the debt so in Nov. 2015 they came to me celebrating that they are now debt free. Their marriage and life are in a much better place.

Yet, they know this from Dave Ramsey, the founder of Financial Peace University. When you are debt free, you can give like no one else. You are now free to be generous. In the spring of 2015 Amy went to Uganda and worked at an orphanage and a mission trip. She was deeply moved by the whole experience. You can guess the rest of the story. Amy came home, talked to Bill and their son, Liam. The decision was made to adopt a child from Uganda. Because their debt had been destroyed they are now in a position to give like no one else. They hope next summer to go to Uganda and bring home a little child as their own.

Ramsey created this nine week class after he experienced bankruptcy and committed himself to healthy financial behaviors. His mantra is “I’m Debt Free.” In his radio call in program people will talk about financial freedom and they got to debt freedom.

I have facilitated this class since 2010. Over and over again I have watched people implement his “baby” steps. The amazing thing is that Amy and Bill’s story is NOT unusual. This class gives the tool and motivations to attack your debt. By the end of the nine weeks you have a plan of attack to get to debt freedom. Depending on your debt, it can take years but not a life time. It can be done.

When you are free of debt, you are now free to be generous. You can support your congregation so its debt is gone and its ministry is pushed forward. We are committed at St. Luke to encourage a deep relationship in Jesus and we want people to come to know Jesus. I’ve seen it and I’ve experienced this gift of generosity. Just like Amy and Bill bringing a baby home from Uganda, we all have the chance to change lives.

Take one of the two classes. You can do this.


The nine week class begins Monday, February 1 from 7-9 p.m. at Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor.

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We’re also going to do the same nine week class starting Thursday, March 31 at St. Luke. 

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