By Justin Rossow

Everything we need to reach our community is already in the community. Our job is to bring it to Jesus and ask Him to bless it.

That’s the fundamental philosophy behind a network designed to call, equip, and encourage “sacramental entrepreneurs,” that is, followers of Jesus who are willing and able to start new things in order to reach new people.

Remember the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand? Jesus takes  five loaves and two fish brought by a young boy from the crowd, blesses it, and gives it to His disciples to distribute. The disciples find that the five loaves and two fish blessed by Jesus are enough and even more than enough to meet the needs of the crowd.

FiveTwoLogoThat miracle was the inspiration for  this multiplication movement, and it’s where they got their name: The FiveTwo Network believes that everything we need to reach our community is already in the community. Our job is to bring it to Jesus and ask Him to bless it.

St. Luke has a long history of producing and supporting forward thinking entrepreneurs who want to use whatever means possible to reach God’s lost people. From MOST Ministries to Bethania Kids, we have always had a heart for starting new things to reach new people. Maybe that’s why we find our vision for God’s Kingdom breaking into our world in Jesus seems to resonate with the goals of FiveTwo.

This last fall, our full-time staff went down to Texas for the annual FiveTwo Wiki Conference. We heard from a range of Christian leaders and thinkers in a wide variety of areas. We got some new ideas and were challenged to take steps toward more intentional and effective ministry. We get to continue the conversation back here in Michigan with others who have bought into the idea that we must find ways to connect with the people God has put around us. It’s exciting to imagine what Jesus is doing in and through us to bless the people in our lives and communities.

As the staff returned from the conference we decided we wanted to support the direction FiveTwo is helping encourage people to go. The next step in that support is becoming a congregational sponsor, a $500 investment that is part of this quarter’s Quarterly Mission Offering. The rest of our Quarterly Mission Offering is designated for Women of the Pearl, another new program growing out of the St. Luke community designed to reach new people.

We want to be a congregation that is willing to do new things in new ways while maintaining our trust in Jesus and His work through Word, Baptism, and His Supper. That’s at the heart of what it means to form and send Sacramental Entrepreneurs. And that’s why we support the FiveTwo Network with our time and money.

To make a donation to our Quarterly Mission Offering, click here.

To find out more about FiveTwo, visit their webpage at

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