Dear Friends at St. Luke,

It has certainly been an eventful year for our work in Botswana! We have been able to hire two fine translators to work on the Luke project and have gotten close to one-third of the Gospel drafted.

We have our first official consultant visit in December for pre-publishing checking. If all goes well, we should be well on our way to publishing the Gospel of Luke in Shekgalagari by September 2014.

Rudowske Family

Just as the ministry of St. Luke changed the path of my life, so we pray that St. Luke’s gospel will begin to do the same in many lives among speakers of Shekgalagari. Thank you for your continued partnership in the Gospel!

Rich, Maya & the Rudowske Crew
Isaiah 43:18-21

Rich & Maya Rudowske serve among speakers of Shekgalagari, a group numbering more than 200,000 spread over the remote Kalahari Desert. Learn more at

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