By Justin Rossow

The foundation stone just outside St. Luke reads, “1960, 1973, 1987, 1996.” Another stone at a different entrance says, “1999.” These corner stones capture a moment in history and preserve it for future generations.

But more than serving as a reminder of the faithful work of those who have gone before, foundation stones serves a very practical purpose. Along with several other key, load bearing stones, the foundation stone supports the whole structure. Remove the foundational support, and the walls come a-tumblin’ down.

foundation stone

You could imagine the structure of the Christian faith kind of like that. While all of what we believe is important because it’s all related in one way or another to the promise of salvation in Jesus Christ, there are some elements of our faith that do most of the load-bearing work. Take these foundation stones away and the building as we know it cannot stand.

What would you put on your Top Ten Things You Need to Know as a Follower of Jesus? Different denominations will answer that question differently. For Lutheran followers of Jesus, things like Grace Alone, Faith Alone, and Scripture Alone would certainly be on the list. But each famous Sola (that’s Latin for “only”) is intended to point to who Jesus is and what He came to do.

What would you put on your Top Ten Things You Need to Know as a Follower of Jesus?

In order to have a solid structure, you have to pay attention to your foundation. If that foundation is shifting or cracking, the whole building is in peril. So it is with our faith. It’s always a good and godly thing to go back to the most foundational teachings and discover anew the marvel of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.

Every time I teach Foundations of Our Faith, I learn something new. Whether you are coming to St. Luke as a new member or have been here for years or decades, please join us. Foundations of Our Faith will help draw us closer together as a community as we are drawn closer to Jesus Himself.

Hope to see you there!