Who says there is no such thing as free money? Well, in most cases you are correct. However, Kroger grocery stores want to support their community so they give back to non-profit organizations, a percentage of what the customer spend during that quarter.

It’s really easy. Here are instructions on how to link St. Luke Lutheran Church to your Kroger Plus card. This will not take away from gas points you earn. You don’t have to spend a certain dollar amount. If you are already a Kroger shopper, just link the church’s name to your card and that’s it.  The only catch is every April, will need to go in a re-select St. Luke Lutheran Church as your organization to your card.

It’s a win, win for everyone!

The church is currently receiving on average $155 per quarter from Kroger Rewards.  This free money is going toward the Debt Reduction. This is an easy way to help pay down the church’s debt.

Now is the time to re-sign up or sign up for the first time! It’s easy, it’s free, it’s harmless and it’s supports a good cause!