Dear Ones,
If you’re in the sanctuary this Sunday, you’ll be invited to take a walk; if you’re worshiping at home, you’ll be invited to make a few clicks.
The walking/clicking is about the financial commitment we’re inviting everyone to make this Sunday as we conclude our RSVP series. If you’re with us in the sanctuary for live worship, we will (safely) come forward with out commitments in hand to place them in a basket near the altar; if you’re at home, we’ll share how you can submit that commitment online.  
Your commitment card will indicate the amount you hope to give in the year 2021 to the mission of God as it is accomplished through St. Luke. Our first giving will take place on Nov. 29, 2020, the first Sunday of the new Church year, which begins the season of Advent.
It’s vital for us to begin to pray about this opportunity today; to speak with our spouse/family if that’s applicable in your life about what your response can be, and to arrive at worship ready to make a commitment.
I hope to anticipate your questions by providing the FAQ that follow. If you have a question not answered there, please feel free to email me at  and I’ll be happy to answer prior to Sunday.
1. What if I’m not ready to make a commitment?
That’s understandable, and we don’t want you to make a commitment before you’re ready. You’ll have the opportunity to submit your completed card in the weeks to follow, through the offering plate, mailing it to the church office, or online.
2. Who is going to know what my commitment is?
Only the people entrusted to record and report back to you the giving that you do will see your commitment card. A privacy envelope will be provided when you submit your commitment in the sanctuary.
3. I’m hesitant to make a commitment because I’m not sure of my income, my employment status, the future of my business; what can I do?
A commitment is a serious spiritual matter, but if God allows a change in your circumstances, he is also gracious. So, if you have less income, adjust your commitment. If on the other hand you’re pleasantly surprised with more income than you expected, you are free to adjust it the other way!
4. I won’t submit a commitment card, no matter what you write or say… what can I do?
Some of our most generous, Spirit-filled givers feel this way. Continue to do what you do, and we praise God for you.
5. Will God love me more if I make a financial commitment to his mission?
No. God loves you and me more than we can fathom, already: he demonstrates that by reminding us every day of the giving of his Son Jesus to be our Savior. God cannot be further compelled, manipulated, coerced, or wooed into greater expressions of love because of what we do, as that is not his nature. We give because he loves us… that’s our motivation.
Blessings as together we enter the season of Advent with rejoicing!
The image of our Commitment Card is below so you can see what it looks like; please don’t fill it out yet. . . we’ll share the “how” of all that later.
Pastor John