By Winslow Fox

In his sermon yesterday, Scott mentioned about the ten lepers being healed, and only one returning to give Jesus thanks. What do I give thanks for? For one thing, I thank God daily for the health and strength that He gives me for that day. I have to deal with the fact that my 90-year old body does not function the way my 80 year-old body did.

Having said that, late this afternoon I was out on the sunny patio at my apartment, doing my exercises. Took a short break, to dead-head some plants that were through blooming for the year, putting the cut stalks on the “Wheel-barrow” function of my 4-wheeled walker. I was using some relatively-new clippers that were sharp and effective. I put them also on the wheelbarrow. Tossed the stalks among the leaves at the base of a flowering crab tree – and then could not find the clippers! Poked among the leaves, but could not find them. I was disappointed.

Just at that moment a neighbor came by, walking her dog. I asked if she could help, and she nimbly plunged into the leaf-pile, and in 10 seconds, she’d found the clippers I thanked her.

So — the Lord heard my unspoken prayer, and sent this angel just in time to help me. So I thanked Him also, the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

Still thankful.

Luke17v11to19 Cartoon