By Justin Rossow

Artwork stands on its own; the images, color, line, design lend themselves to interpretation and impact the viewer without need for further development.

But sometimes the background of the artist, the intended goal of the work, the background and cultural setting help take the beauty and make it come alive in new ways.

The book of Romans is like that. Paul is writing to a church he hopes to visit on his way to further mission work. And by way of introduction, the apostle takes a step back and looks at the dynamics of God’s work in the world. He gives detail and insight in ways that deepen the beauty and make us step back with new appreciation for the Artist.

Beginning this July, our St. Luke multisite will go on a gallery tour with Paul. We’ll let him point out some of his favorite works of art. We’ll read through the heart of the letter to the Romans. And we’ll get caught up in the beauty Paul sees so clearly he can’t help but share.

Join us for worship throughout the summer. It’s a chance to meet Jesus in His Word and catch a glimpse of God’s greater story, for your life and for His world.