By Jared Gruber

Now that Spring is finally here, we can all start thinking about golf again. While picturing walking on the soft green grass with a light breeze blowing around, a peculiar thought came to me: The game of golf is like our walk with Christ.

When we start out on a hole, we have a certain path that will lead us to the end, known as the fairway. The fairway is like a path in Christ, always in good condition and although it may twist and curve where we do not expect the path never strays from the goal. While we follow this path, we will reach the goal with little difficulty.

However, in both golf and life, most of us stray from this path. Whether we try to take a shortcut, think we know the “best” path, or most often just plain screw up, we find ourselves off the path in the rough.

Here life is harder with many obstacles to keep us from the goal. While some find their way straight back to the fairway, others try to play through the rough. In all cases when we keep our eyes on the goal, the flag in golf and Christ in life, we will all end up at the same place eventually.

No matter our journey through life, Christ will always be there inviting us back. Keeping our eyes focused on Him is the key.


By Donn Scott

I have a deep passion for the game of golf. Many of you share that same passion.

What you may not know is that I’ve been employed by the game of golf since 1998 in both green grass (course) and retail (golf shop). I’ve also taught well over 1000 lessons during this time. While the locations and structures have changed the one constant in all of this has been my desire to give back to a game that has given me so much.

I am a third generation golfer, grandfather to father to son, and it is and will continue to be (this passing down of the game), that tugs on my heart.

Golf has at it’s roots, inherent character building values, that speak to life skills (honesty, integrity, perseverance, etc.), and if we play the game as it is intended to be played, we will look back at our day on the course, as a learned experience; and if we are so fortunate to spend that time with family, well, think now of what you can pass on down the generations.

I play because I love the game, and I see God’s creation everywhere I look. We were created to be in fellowship, and I can’t think of a better place to do that than on a golf course.

Come and join St. Luke on Saturday May 31st at The Links in Whitmore Lake and share some laughs, have some fun, and support a worthy cause. You can register here.