A five-part worship series beginning June 7 

You and I were born with a certain hair color (and most of us like to experiment with that color), and eye color, a certain look to our chins and cheekbones…why? Because of the characteristics of those in our past who physically contributed over the years to produce what we call “you.” To make “you,” they passed down their DNA.

The gospel – the good news of our Lord Jesus – has characteristics that have been passed down to us through the ages by those who were faithful and who contributed toward producing us. In a way, these characteristics – let’s call them “marks,” – are much like our physical DNA in that when you examine them, they serve to identify that gift God has given us.

We of St. Luke will look at five of those “marks” of the “DNA” of the gospel we have been given, and which we share. These five marks are found in every thriving congregation of our Lord Jesus; they are: 

•loving people 

Some of those marks of the gospel are obvious; others need explaining. All are important, especially now, and here’s why:

This world is changing with a rapidity that is frightful, confusing, and in some cases badly needed. The pandemic, our agonizing search for racial justice, and our political/social chaos is bringing change.

We the Church have been given the means to address those changes, and shape them, and bring the power of God to bear upon them. The means is the gospel.

And we, as a thriving church of God, will use the marks of the gospel – loving people, multiplication, adaptability, truth, and self-sacrifice – to change the world.

It’s in our DNA.

Pastor John