By Sam H.

Psalm 120:1
“I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me.”

I know the Father will answer me because he has already shown his love for me, so I am quick to call on him.  I know I the Father wants to help me.

This verse challenges me to call on the Lord in distress. Instead of trying to figure things out myself, I call on the Lord. Not I sometimes call, not I will call, but I call. I call on the Father because I know he will answer me.

This verse helps me in my everyday life because I know that if anything goes wrong, He will be there. This doesn’t mean that He will fix everything, but He will answer me, and even if it’s not in the way I expected, I know His answer will give me guidance and peace. Every time I am in distress, I will call on him and give Him a chance to answer me.

For my image to represent my verse, I picked an image of a fire truck. When I think of someone calling a fire truck, I think of them being completely helpless. Jesus is the only one who can fix our problems, and we are completely helpless without him. It’s not as if you can just throw buckets of water onto a burning building; you need a fire department to help you. But Jesus is much more powerful than a fire truck. He will save you every time he wants to and has complete control over any situation. But do not try to put the fire out yourself. Call on Jesus to help you with your problems and trust that he will get there to help.

This verse is a promise that God gives me because he loves me. Jesus gave me an eternal gift by dying on the cross, and I accept it.