By Robyn E.

Confirmation Class of 2015

Matthew 6:34-Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Within this verse everyone can picture something different, everyone can get a different sense of hope, but I see so much hope that instantly all my worries can just fade away after reading it.

I believe that God is not just my guide and king, but my provider and father. Because Jesus not only died for me, but was humiliated and suffered for me, I know that I do not have to worry about what is needed for tomorrow.

Joshua 1:9b says “Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified and do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Therefore I trust that I do not need to be in fear because God our father is always with me.

My confirmation verse challenges me to not only say that I will put all my faith into God our Father, but to actually do so and have no other worries about what might come next. It challenges me to always be willing to throw my worries away and know that no matter what, I am not alone. My verse is a promise to me that with God by my side I do not need to worry, because God is always with me and will provide for me even in the darkest moments of my life.

My image is a reminder of this verse, because it lets me know that God will never, and has never, left me alone. It is a reminder that God will not set me down and will not make me worry. It reminds me that I will truly never be alone because God will always hold me in his hands and that he will never forget that I am his daughter. This image helps me to know that I have no reason to get discouraged or to be scared because God will never set me down.

We all live in a world of sin, and although we don’t deserve it, we receive God’s grace. Through this grace we can all be provided for, loved, and cared for all because one innocent man suffered the pain of all our sins.

Through God’s grace we receive everything, even though we all really deserve nothing. Jesus was humiliated just so His Holy Spirit could provide for us and so we can all know we are never alone. He died for us to let us all have eternal life, even for the ones who feel the most unworthy.

I believe that Jesus is my guide. I believe that He is my king. And I believe that Jesus died for me. I believe that because I have Jesus by my side now and always that I do not have to live with worry or fear. That I can be strong and not be discouraged.

I believe this because I know that Jesus will always provide for me and never leave me alone. I believe that he will never set me down. So I guess the real question is that since I believe what I believe, why do I ever have to fear or be worried about tomorrow? The answer is, I don’t.

I pray that I can continue to proudly live out my faith and never be convinced that God our Father has set me down, and that one day I can be with Him in His heavenly kingdom. Amen.  

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