Last week St. Luke hosted between 10-17 gentlemen each night in our Great Room. We fed them, gave them a warm safe place to sleep, gave them access to hot showers, and a little fellowship.

It was a very successful week and the men very much appreciated our hospitality. They are at Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church now.

There were many volunteers who stepped up with their time, talents, and treasures and we can’t list them all here. However, there are a few who deserve special recognition as they were crucial to the success of the week in various different roles (especially those who stayed overnight):

  • Peg Long
  • Ron & Patti McCarty
  • Bill & Linda Mahler
  • Julie Dunmire (and her study group)
  • Karl Davis
  • Cynthia Bender
  • John & Lynn Nees
  • Sean & Lisa Egmon
  • Kyle & Kristin Eastman and crew (from Ann Arbor Church who rent space from St. Luke and stepped up to help us in big ways)
  • St. Luke Staff in general – their support is unwavering.

There were numerous others who donated snacks, money, did laundry, and cleaned bathrooms all week. We could not do it without out.

Thank you so much for everything you do for these men.

Allen & Sharon Morgan