Holy Week at Home

A Day-by-Day Walk through Holy Week

As a family this week, we encourage you to read through Chapter 26 of The Story. In addition, we’re providing a tool to help you and your family walk alongside Jesus and His disciples this Holy Week. This daily walk through scripture and time spent as a family will connect you to the story of Jesus and help you experience Holy Week in a new way this year. ​​

It may also be helpful to create a Holy Week Box by collecting and saving a simple memento or two from each day’s story. As you add to the box, you can also remember the stories from the previous days. See the box memento suggestions for each day below.​

PDF download: Holy Week 2020 at home

Monday: Clearing the Temple

Reading – Mark 11:15-19

In this story, Jesus cleanses the temple which had become a place where true worship was disrupted…the temple was a “den of robbers”, as he put it.  Today, Jesus wants our worship to be focused on God – the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit – alone and He wants us to remove anything that keeps us from worshipping him.

  • What kinds of things keep you from worshipping God?
  • Today sing your favorite worship song together as a family.  You can easily find worship songs by searching YouTube.

Box Memento: Pennies or other coins

Tuesday: The Authority of Jesus Questioned

Reading – Mark 11:27-33​

The religious leaders questioned Jesus’ authority. Instead of answering their question, Jesus asked them a question that he knew they would be unable to answer (this was something he did often). Jesus spent much of Tuesday challenging the religious leaders, making them more and more angry. This was the final straw for them, and we’ll see what they did next, on Wednesday.​

As a family, look at the painting entitled The Pharisees Question Jesus by James Tissot.Brooklyn Museum - The Pharisees Question Jesus (Les pharisiens questionnent Jésus) - James Tissot

Google some art discussion questions as a family.​

Box Memento: Small container of water and/or symbol of a dove (Jesus’ heavenly authority was announced at His baptism.)​

Wednesday: The Plot Thickens

Reading – Mark 14:1-2

Wednesday isn’t specifically mentioned in scripture. This passage may have happened on Tuesday or Wednesday. Spend some time imagining as a family what might’ve happened on the Wednesday of Holy Week.​

​Box Memento: There’s no memento to add today. Instead, review your other items and remember together what they mean.

Maundy Thursday

Reading – Mark 14:22-42​

During Maundy Thursday service, Pastor Matt will ask you to complete a family activity afterward. Before you watch the service, please find the following items: an old, light colored hand towel and a permanent marker.​

Additional Activity: Making Pretzels​

Consider setting aside some time to bake pretzels as a family. (Start to finish, this is at least a 2-hour project since the dough will need to rise.) As you knot your dough and enjoy your pretzels, pray together and remember Jesus praying at the Garden of Gethsemane. If you’re looking for a recipe, here’s one pretzel recipe to try.

Box Memento: piece of towel (foot washing) and small cracker and cup (Lord’s Supper)​

Good Friday

Reading – John 18:1-19:42 or John 19:17-30

For Good Friday service, Pastor John would like you to find 7 candles to use during Good Friday worship service.  If possible, try and find the candles prior to viewing worship.

Box Memento: Cross (made of twigs or craft sticks) and nails

Holy Saturday

Reading – Matthew 27:62-66

Today is a day of waiting and anticipation.  As you observe your Easter vigil, take some time to look back through your Holy Week box and talk about the journey you’ve taken as a family during this special week.

Box Memento: Stone (tomb)

Easter Sunday

Reading – Mark 16:1-8​

Jesus Christ is ris’n today, Alleluia!
Our triumphant holy day, Alleluia! ​
Who did once upon the cross Alleluia!
Suffer to redeem our loss. Alleluia!​​

Resurrection Rolls

Make some Resurrection Rolls for your Easter dinner to remind your family of the empty tomb.

Hallelujah Project

Use what you have (sidewalk chalk, paper, paint, crayons, string, scraps of wood, etc.) to create a “Hallelujah” banner/sign/message/driveway art on Easter Sunday that you can put out for others in your neighborhood to see.

Tag our church on Facebook and post in St. Luke Friends using the hashtag #athomehallelujah​

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Holy Week Box

By Saturday, these are the items you may have collected in your Holy Week Box. Share what yours looks like on our Facebook St. Luke Friends page!