By Jeff Greunke 

As I’ve been sitting here in my home “studio” the past several days working hard with my team on Easter Sunday worship, it has become very apparent that this is unusual. I/we would normally be spending several evenings during the week at church rehearsing music, creating videos and lighting setups, darkening the room with curtains, preparing elements for worship with each other, and then inviting you to come and join with us in the services. 

Not this year. 

Instead we are spending hours working on things in the digital realm. While we did have some traditional Holy Week snow, there is certainly a different air about this week. Yet, things are very much the same. 

We’re still working on preparing an offering of worship to the Audience of One; we’re still going to have an awesome Holy Week and Easter experience, and Jesus has STILL been raised from the dead for you and me. 

The important thing to remember is this – you may be home, but you’re not alone. 

You have your immediate family and friends, whether online or living with you in your home; you have your church family who has been reaching out and trying to keep connected with as many as possible; you have your neighbors who are within a phone calls reach if you need them (or if they need you!) 

Isolation shouldn’t mean insulation. Be there for others. Be there for those who feel lonely. After all, Jesus is always with YOU! 

Just remember – Sunday church is not gone altogether… just different for a little while. 

Happy Easter.
See you in church!