What Is a Home Group?

At St. Luke, one of the ways that we engage in discipleship is through intimate, in-home gatherings called Home Groups. Most groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in a host’s home (or alternate location) and create a space where participants can form trusting, authentic relationships that connect them back to Jesus and His Word.

Each home group looks a little different (structure of the gathering, make-up of participants, etc). Some use family-style dinner as a time of fellowship; others keep meetings very simple. Some groups include entire families, other are couples, all women, all men, or a mixture. Despite these distinctions, all home groups share the vision of creating a culture of discipleship by building relationships that point each other back to Jesus.

St. Luke provides Home Group materials that guide group discussion and often go along with the current sermon series. Find the most recent “Taking Worship into Your Week” material here.

How to Join a Home Group

The first step in connecting with a home group is filling out the sign up form. There, you’ll see the list of current groups with their meeting times and locations. Once you’ve submitted the form, a home group host or the home group coordinator will contact you.

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