By Matt Hein

Trusted relationships are key to living together as disciples of Jesus. A recent blog made the case for trusted discipling relationships at St. Luke Lutheran Church:

“We believe in the centrality of God’s Word that points us to Jesus, and the centrality of worship where God gathers us and serves us through His Word and Sacraments, even as we return our praise to Him.

“We also believe that He has gathered us around these gifts of Word and Sacrament as a community that exists for more than just Sunday mornings. God desires us to have trusted discipling relationships that extend into our homes and daily lives.”

Home Groups are one way to nurture those trusted discipling relationships. As we begin a new seven-week series in worship on October 4, we want everyone at St. Luke to be in a Home Group where trusted relationships are fostered and Sunday morning worship is connected to the rest of the week.

Home Groups are gatherings of disciples from St. Luke that meet in a local neighborhood home once a week for the seven weeks of our sermon series (October-November). Home Group gatherings are built around hospitality, food, good conversation, and revisiting worship from the weekend.

St. Luke Home Groups will begin meeting the week of October 4, 2015 and meet once each week through the week of November 15, 2015.

There are two ways to get into a Home Group. First, Home Group hosts will be inviting by contacting St. Luke families and individuals in their neighborhoods in the next two weeks. Second, you may request to be in a Home Group by clicking here. After you fill out the Connect form a Home Group host in your area will contact you.

We are excited to see what Jesus does as we connect together in our neighborhoods this October-November and reconnect to Sunday morning worship in the week!

If you have questions about Home Groups or would like to open your home as a Home Group host, please contact Pastor Matt Hein.