The annual Homeless Shelter week at St. Luke begins on Monday, January 20, 2020 for 7 nights. Each night we will transport 25 men from the Delonis Shelter in downtown Ann Arbor to St. Luke where we will provide them with a meal, shower, and opportunity for fellowship after which they will spend the night in the Great Room. Each morning we will transport them back to St. Andrew’s church in downtown Ann Arbor or to the Delonis Shelter.

We have 3 specific needs right now that we are trying to fill. Other needs will be communicated as sign-ups are done during December and January.

1.      Each night a group provides, prepares, and serves a meal for the 25 men. This can be prepared at St. Luke or elsewhere and brought in. We serve dinner at 7 PM each night in the Great Room. Our main rule is for the meal to be ‘homemade’ and not restaurant or store bought already prepared (desserts, etc. can be an exception to this). We have a St. Luke member who coordinates meals among all 7 groups so as to avoid duplications throughout the week. A group can consist of maybe a Home Group or a family group or just a group of friends. Whatever works for you. We currently have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday meal slots available. The other nights are spoken for. 

2.     A part of the overnight stay for the men is St. Luke providing 2-3 overnight hosts just to make sure that things go smoothly. Sign ups for the actual hosts will occur in December & January. We need a person to coordinate and assign the volunteers that sign up to their night(s) and verify their intention to serve each night. This is normally done via a number of phone calls the week before the event begins to the people that previously signed up and then again for each night of the event. It is important that we have these overnight hosts as it is our building after all. It is preferred, but not required, that this person be able to be present at St. Luke each night of the week between 8 & 9 PM when the overnight hosts arrive to give them instruction.

3.     As noted we transport these men between Ann Arbor & St. Luke twice a day. We need a person to coordinate and verify the volunteer drivers that have previously signed up for this task. I have broken this down into morning and evening driver coordinators. This consists of calling previously signed up volunteers and verifying their participation and number of seats they have available. We currently need to fill one coordinator slot (afternoon preferred but not required).


(On a side note I would be happy to train an interested person in taking over this project for 2021.)

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions at all.

Allen Morgan


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