As we approach January 4th, 2021, I wanted to provide an update.

We have arranged for all 4 Saturday evening meals although we are accepting donations that will cover the cost of one of them.

Current needs include the following:

  • Cash donations to cover meal, laundry, and kitchen consumable costs.  We are currently about $250 short of covering all our anticipated costs.  This considers donations already received plus an allocation from the overall St. Luke budget.  The main reason our costs are so high this year is that we purchased new bath towels to replace the old ones as they were getting thin.
  • We need volunteers to sign up using the link below to be building hosts.  I am hoping to fill the 7 PM to midnight shifts first and then the overnight shifts. The Shelter Association is providing a staff member each overnight, so a second person is appreciated but not essential. You can sign up through the link below:

  • We also need volunteers to wash, dry, fold, and return bath towels to St. Luke on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays during January.  Peg Long is coordinating this and the details can be found at the following link:

  • Regular ground coffee as they guys drink a lot of it.

Any questions please contact me directly:

Allen Morgan