By Chad Moyer

First I want to thank you for this opportunity to go to Houston!!

I look forward to more trips to Houston, they still have a lot to do!

Salem of Tomball did a great job of taking care of us. They fed us every meal and had clean towels every day for us. They have a huge facility, and it worked well! Sleeping in the same room with about 30 others is not easy, but a couple of days into the trip and you’re so tired it doesn’t seem to matter… Trinity Klien had all the work organized and all the tools we needed. If we had questions they had someone to take care of us. Well Done!!

So our group had the pleasure to go to Humble, TX (pronounced Umble, for us Yankees) and work on a house owned by Noe and Cathy Garcia. What a wonderful family! Noe is a remolder and worked along with us every day, except Friday when he cooked us lunch. He was nervous at first, when 13 of us with bright yellow vests on came up to him on his front lawn. Now, we were all nervous as well… as we were still not sure what exactly we were going to be doing. I introduced myself and we started to walk towards the side door to his house and he stopped us and asked us “aren’t you going to pray first?”.

But of course, so we circled up and a student led us in prayer. There were things like this all week. Noe had lunch with us, because the students put together something for him to eat from their lunches, the rest of the week someone made sure to bring a lunch for Noe. During lunch we had devotions and Noe was a part of that as well. And there was more, what a great man of faith! It was a great pleasure to help him get his house back, so he could move his family back into it. I have a lot to say about Noe, as Angie can attest to, I haven’t stop talking about the trip since I’ve been back.

Now for the students, I was very impressed. They were all there to do what was needed. They took care of devotions for the whole week. And they also led the music on Thursday when the guy from Salem couldn’t be there. And they listened and got to know the Garcia Family. Awesome Work!!


For the work that we did. It was gutted to the studs, ceilings included. The electrical was replaced and all of the insulation was removed. They had 56” on water in the house and everything was damaged. We came in and cleaned the space, mostly tools, to get ready to work. We started insulating and ended up completing the whole house by the end of the week. We unloaded into the house about 260 sheets of drywall. About 30 12’ sheets were carried over from the neighbors garage and the rest, all 8’ sheets came in on trailers from Trinity. By the end of the week we had about half of the house covered with drywall. I wanted to stay and finish the job, but I’ve seen photos of another group in there finishing it this week.

I saw God work this week! Everybody involved in this project was touched in some way!