By Hunter G.

Confirmation Class of 2015

“The disciples went out telling everyone they met to repent for their sins and turn to God.” (Mark 6:12)

My confirmation verse challenges me to be kind to all people around me whether young or old, no matter where they come from, and even if they are mean or kind to me. This verse tells me to bring them the love of God.

This verse explains to me as a follower of God, how we should act in our daily lives by sharing with others what Jesus has done for us. This is made possible because He died on the cross to save me from sin, death, and the devil.

I chose my image because it shows me even when I sin, God the Father will forgive me for what I have done. No matter how much I sin God will allow me to turn back to Him and become a holy follower of His word again.

I can show this love to others and pray for them to repent, find God, and let Him be with them from now and into eternity.

I am human and when I commit a sin against God and others I can still turn to my God and ask for forgiveness for all I have done because Jesus died for me so that I may be saved from myself. When I ask for forgiveness it sets an example to others to share this good news.

I am grateful for all God has given me in my life. I have friends, a loving family, and a warm home. God meets all my needs each day of my life now and forever.

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