Susan H.

Isaiah 43:1 

“Do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine”

This verse was chosen for me when I was a baby by my grandma after her praying a lot for a verse for me. I believe that Jesus has redeemed me and calls me by name. I am not afraid because I belong to Jesus.

I was once up at my grandma’s house in Tawas, and they had this jet ski boat that was always breaking (It was a nice boat though). Me, (my cousin) Sam , and Mr.Jim were all in the boat pretty far out. Then, the boat started beeping and it turned off. At first, we were just checking the engine and calling for help with hand signals. I was pretty scared, and then something very important came to mind. Prayer. Even though I was still afraid, I shouldn’t have been because I knew belonged to Jesus. I then put my hope on Jesus, I simply prayed that the Lord would get us out safely. Nobody else on the boat thought to pray. The next thing that happened was a grey jetski came. Fortunately, we had rope in the boat so they then towed us home. Since Jesus called me by name I can trust in the Lord to make things right even if I have to wait for a response.

When you think about how much Jesus does for you,(and I know that is a hard question) when you get the answer you are mind-blown. Even if you think you know all He does for you, you don’t realize those little things He does for you. He redeems you by forgiving and healing you every day.

He calls you by name by telling you right from wrong. You are His.

I chose my image because I thought it represented me as a baby and Jesus calling me by name and protecting me ( hence the verse “calls me by name”). I do not have to fear because he “has me in his hands.”

When I realize this I want to praise Jesus more for all He does for me. I also realize that he likes doing things for us. He likes working for us; and I praise him for every little and big thing he does in my life . My verse promises that the Heavenly Father has redeemed me, and allows me to not fear. I believe this and all of Jesus’s promises.