By Jonathan Hoover, Confirmation Class of 2014

My confirmation verse is ‘The eyes of the LORD are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love.’  (Psalm 33:18)

I trust that Jesus will protect me, even when I’m only going through my everyday tasks. Because Jesus protects me, I know that I will be safe wherever I go.

Those statements are possible because Jesus died on the cross to save me from sin, death, and the devil. My response to the Lord watching over me is it gives me hope and self-peace knowing that God the Father is looking out for me. It’s kind of like a friend saying, “Look, I got your back.”

My confirmation verse challenges me to trust in the Father’s protection and to not go out into the world without knowing that He is watching over me.

“Look, I got your back.”

I thank the Lord for everything that He has blessed me with, my family, friends, and all my physical possessions. I also pray that the Father will use me throughout my daily life and in my future.

My verse promises me that wherever I go God the Father will watch over me and that I can know that He loves me no matter how hard I mess up, as long as I have faith in Him.