By Amy Balzer-Pemberton

Last week I had a fundraiser. Not any kind of fundraiser, but one that was full of creativity. My brilliant husband Bill had the idea that I could plan a crafty day for people to participate in since that’s what I know.

I have always made my living in some form of art and am very passionate about it. I wanted to raise funds to go on a Mission Trip where one of the things I will talk to women about using is their creativity to make money to support their families.

Over 80 ladies attended my 3.5 hours of crazy fun. The room looked like a paper and glitter bomb went off, it was WONDERFUL! Each lady there (they ranged from ages 5-70+ years) made each of the projects her own. Not a two in the room were alike. It was amazing to see the innovation that came from the same materials. AMAZING!

It was amazing to see the innovation that came from the same materials.

The pride each had in what she had made was so special to see – I think they all left the event walking a bit taller, so proud to show each other what they had created. I loved it. I’ve enjoyed seeing these same ladies post images on Facebook of their creations – bringing another round of praise and joy.

The energy was so great in the room – I heard laughter, encouraging words and saw happy faces. I think women are really so good at nurturing each other, finding the positive in each situation, lending a hand, giving a hug. It was a very joyous day!

It was a very joyous day!

Come February when I am in Uganda, I hope I can find that camaraderie. I am sure I will find it. I can envision it now, sitting with new friends (and a translator), telling them how much our Heavenly Father loves them, and that there is not a thing they can’t set their mind to do.

I fully believe this is true, as God has blessed my life, and made so many hopes and dreams of mine come to fruition. He took a dream that I’ve had since the age of 3 to be an Artist and put me on the path to success, when many around me were sure I was doomed to fail.

There were a few dreams that didn’t happen like I thought they would… job losses, infertility struggles, poor choices with finances that made my life much more of a challenge. Each was in God’s hand, and He had a different plan for my life, leading me to this church, these friends, that one class to mold my life into the dream He had for me.

“With GOD all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

Please pray for The Women of the Pearl team and for the women we will meet on this incredible journey this coming February.

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