By Chelsea Meyers

As I sat down and read the job description for nursery coordinator I had two thoughts. First thought, stop reading…you don’t need to fill up your schedule more…. and second thought, this really sounds like a job I’d like to do. Children, especially young ones, are my people. The joy they have for life is contagious, and who wouldn’t like to catch some of that? At that point I knew I needed to sit down with my husband and let him know that I was about to apply for the position, but, not to worry, it would be fun for all of us!

Truth is, he gets that. We love St. Luke, and have called it our church home for nearly 8 years. About 5 years ago, when Ben and I had our son Henry, we started becoming more involved. We began to meet other couples with young children and knew that this was the place for us. We would chat with other parents dropping children off in the nursery, and even found a wonderful person to watch our son while I worked full time. After we had our daughter Harper two years ago, and I started staying at home, I became more involved with volunteering in the nursery and teaching lamb lot. Yet again, I fell more in love with the parents, children and youth that came in and out of the nursery.

That is my hope for the nursery; I hope you find a community of people to connect with. I hope you know that when your child uses the nursery they are being taken care of by people who want to build a relationship with your child and also with you. I hope you know the youth volunteering in the rooms take time to get to know your child and look forward to greeting them as they come back to play. I hope, like me a few years ago, you meet a new friend while dropping off your child in the nursery.

I look forward to taking on the position as nursery coordinator and can’t wait to see all your little ones having fun, playing and building relationships of their own.