When this job opening was first suggested to me it was truly an answered prayer. The night before, I had prayed with my home group that God would provide me with a new and different job–I needed a little space from the cashiering and customer service line of work.

I’ve been with St. Luke Lutheran Church for about fifteen years. Back then my dad, Byron Porisch, was the newly called Youth Minister, and I spent my teen years being heavily involved with the youth group.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing, painting, and design so I decided to pursue a degree at Concordia University-Wisconsin, where I majored in Graphic Design and minored in Digital Illustration. After college I moved back to Ypsilanti and met my husband, Alex Gay, and we’ve been glad to call St. Luke our home.

My dad always thought I should work with the church. He tended to push youth ministry (what a surprise!). But today I am excited for this opportunity to serve at St. Luke as the Communications Coordinator and to start developing a team of volunteers! If you have any interest in visual graphics or blogging, please shoot me an email.