In an effort to better serve the three sites of St. Luke Lutheran Church, weekly announcements can now be delivered right to your inbox. How better to keep informed on the goings-on in our congregation than to get them sent right to your phone, tablet or home computer. This weekend we will be sending emails containing the first digital E-News.

So what is the E-News?

Once a week we will deliver the top news, web articles and events in our church community. If you’ve picked up an announcement sheet on Sunday morning in the last few weeks, the email will look very familiar. By delivering it to your inbox, we’ll be giving you information you can use in a way that is interactive and easily sharable with friends and family.

If you find a story or event that interests you, share it on Facebook, Tweet it, Pin it, email it, or even print it out and give it to a friend.

How do I get it?

If we’ve emailed you in the past for church events, chances are we already have your address and there’s nothing else for you to do. However, if you don’t receive it before Sunday, we’ll give you an opportunity during worship to give us your contact information. We promise not to sell your information to Nigerian princes or to bombard you with spam. You can only expect one or two emails a week.

In the meantime, the most recent E-News emails will be archived on the website at

Are printed announcements going away?

No. We understand that many don’t have access to email and we will continue to supply printed copies of the announcements for those in our congregation that need them.