I can remember the first time I watched the show Iron Chef, the original Japanese version. I was amazed at the skill of the chef’s as they chopped, minced, mixed, and cooked together what seemed to me to be random ingredients. As I watched these chef’s come together to compete using their skills and knowledge of how foods and spices and flavors work together I was always impressed with their ability to move so quickly, create on the spur of the moment and use a secret ingredient to bring about a culinary masterpiece. I have always wanted to be an Iron Chef. Ok, maybe not really, but I do enjoy food and trying new things.

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This October 13, at our All Site Fall Picnic we have will be having our own version of Iron Chef and we need chefs! Bring your grill and favorite recipe as we hang out and have fun with our St. Luke family! Your Pastors will be involved by roasting a pig! And I know they all enjoy cooking, being creative, and don’t mind a little competition. So the game is on! Can you cook with more flavor, cook your meat more tender or fill the air with more pleasing aroma than Pastor GrillMaster?

And what about that secret ingredient that is part of Iron Chef? We will have one also, although we are going to be more flexible and let you choose your fall fruit (pear, apple) or vegetable (pumpkin, squash) that you will use in your cooking.

  1. Choose your Meat….Chicken, Pork, Beef (not hamburgers or hot dogs)
  2. Choose your Secret Ingredient…..Fall Fruit or Vegetable
  3. Bring your Grill
  4. Share your masterpiece with about 25 people

If you are not a chef we also need judges, so bring your taste buds to tell us who will be the Iron Chef for St. Luke! I know I am looking forward to being amazed at the culinary masterpieces created and shared! My mouth is watering already!


Contact Lisa Egmon at 734-834-2603 if you are interested in helping out by cooking.

Look for more information on the picnic to follow!