It’s Monday. It is not just any Monday, it is the Monday after Spring Break. We have had a week of late mornings and breakfast concluding around 11am! It has been a week of relaxation and freedom to do what we please. We have had a week of pajama days and movies and friends. It was wonderful. And today is Monday.

In fact it has been harder to get going this Monday because it falls right after spring break and I was worried that I would not wake up to the alarms that I have not heard for a week so I did not sleep well. It has been so hard to get going I am just now getting to writing this blog. When Monday comes I know we as a family will not come up for a breath of air until Thursday! So Monday’s are often hard days.

Can Monday have a different kind of hope to it?

It is after Easter and the Easter celebrations. The excitement and wonder of Easter has worn off and is quickly forgotten. So easily I fall back into our everyday routines that have us worrying and complaining. I do not live in the Monday after Easter that is full of joy and hope, but in the Mondays of our everyday lives that often seem to lack that joy and hope.

In 1 Peter 1 it says that I, we, get to live in a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A hope that is not rooted in my failures and worries. This was written by a man who knew failure. Peter had denied and rejected Christ. Peter had turned his back on his friend and had worried about himself in a time of high stress and anxiety. This same Peter, who completely failed in following Jesus or even being a friend was reinstated! Jesus rose and called Peter back to Him forgiving Him. He gave Peter a new and living hope in which to live!

I have been invited to live in this new and living hope! In the resurrection! I can live in the joy and hope of the Monday after Easter rather than the Saturday before Easter. Instead of falling back into the worry and everyday life I am invited to live with excitement and hope. Jesus calls us to Him again and again despite our failures.

It is Monday! It is the Monday after Easter! I and you have been given a living hope in the resurrection of Jesus! Live in this hope!