By Miriam Rossow

It is Lutheran Schools Week! The kids are excited because the celebration always includes special dress days such as decades day and the ever favorite pajama day. The food from the cafeteria is picked by the classes and there are often school-wide games, pep rallies, chapel services, and movie days. It is a fun week for everyone as we celebrate our Lutheran schools nationwide!

My mother and father were both teachers in Lutheran schools from preschool all the way through the University level. I have aunts and uncles who are and were Lutheran educators. My husband’s family is also steeped in the Lutheran education system from the seminary to the universities to elementary schools.

Both my husband and I attended Lutheran schools as children. And we both attended one of our Lutheran universities where I received my Lutheran Teacher Diploma. It is really no surprise that my children would attend a Lutheran school.

However, my children attend for more than just the fact that it is our history and tradition. We have just about every option of school available to us these days. Home school, charter, private, and public are all options for schooling. I have seen the benefits of each of these options. So why do we choose a Lutheran school when we could choose anything?

My children attend for more than just the fact that it is our history and tradition.

I want my children to receive a quality education. I want my children to be exposed to different races and cultures. I want my children to be safe and secure. I want my children to enjoy school and learning. I want my children to have opportunities to expand their knowledge, comfort levels, and abilities. Above all I want my children to meet Jesus everyday!

Lutheran schools allow all of these things to be possible. My children endure school as much as every child, but for the most part they really do enjoy school. They are safe. They know the teachers, not just their teacher, but all of the teachers. The classes work together and share experiences learning from each other. They learn to respect and love each person as a child of God.

Above all I want my children to meet Jesus everyday!

Most importantly my children are exposed to Jesus daily. They are not just taught Bible stories, but they are asked to see how Jesus touches their lives daily. They are expected to see others as God’s creation and treat them as such. They are encouraged to ask tough questions and find responses that are loving and point others to Jesus.

Religion is not just a class that teaches the stories and theological responses. Jesus is woven throughout their day in all of their interactions.

I imagine some of you are saying the education choice I made for my children gives them most of these or maybe even all of these qualities. In some cases the choice you made may do something better than the choice I made. There are so many wonderful teachers, schools, and education options. It can be overwhelming.

I chose Lutheran schools over other options because it fit what my family needed at the time and gave me quality education with the highest emphasis being on Jesus and my children growing in their relationship with Him. And I am thankful it is done from the Lutheran perspective. Because after all I am Lutheran.

Jesus Everyday is the theme for this year at St. Paul Lutheran School. I believe this is at the heart of every Lutheran school. This week especially let’s celebrate our heritage of education being a priority and celebrate Jesus in our Lutheran schools everyday!