By Becky Majesky

Transfiguration Sunday is one of those Sundays throughout my life that has just meant what it meant–Jesus was shown to be fully God and fully man. I guess nothing ever challenged my “Sunday school” view of the events on the mountain.

Then on Sunday morning my view shifted. Pastor Dan was elaborating on how the disciples knew the human side of Jesus, and that this was the big “aha” moment for them. Growing up knowing that Jesus is God means you don’t ever set that aside; for me this was the first time I ever tried to get their perspective. To them Jesus was man first.

To them Jesus was man first.

So after church, as I talked with my boys about the message, I felt like I needed to help them get a grasp on this. I asked them to think of ways Jesus was human, which they went on to say were ordinary things like he ate, drank, slept … and went on to include other aspects of human existence that we would never really allow ourselves to consider when thinking of Jesus. But real things that young boys know happen. And I got excited! They saw it!

Jesus–to Peter, James and John–was a human just like them (although he did some special stuff) until that moment. And God declared out loud, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” All the very human experiences. All the gross or inconvenient things. All are things Jesus knows.

Just what I deeply want my children to understand: Jesus “gets” you! And God declares His love for you!

Jesus “gets” you! And God declares His love for you!

As a parent I have tried to not leave the teaching to church. I have tried to lead my boys to a daily relationship. But that’s not how I was raised. I was taught in church about Jesus. “Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest …” was the only prayer ever spoken with my parents outside church.

From a generation of “it goes without saying,” to my need for communicating and sharing. This approach to parenting my children, to help them know God, feels so much better to me. But sometimes I just don’t have the strategies to make it happen.

As a parent I have tried to not leave the teaching to church.

I’m so excited about the class coming up at Living Water beginning on March 23 after worship. “Visionary Parenting” is an entire program that is designed to help each of us decipher the great plan God has for our family.

That means I’ll get help figuring out not only why my family is my family, but I’ll be supported in putting into place some real-life strategies for making each day closer to what God wants for us. The program even promises to help us find ways to create a less chaotic and more peaceful home. Yes. Please.


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